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Awesome!!! Super fast, friendly service from knowledgable staff.
Donald T
drivers license renewall Review of Stillwater Service Counter 11 Young woman was very professional and patient as we went through procedures to renew my drivers license.
Jeff S
Great service during crazy COVID times I received great service during crazy COVID times. The staff at Forest Lake location were friendly and very helpful.
Real ID license Great, quick efficient service during the covid pandemic. It didn't take more than 15 minutes since I pre-apply online, so just had to show the proper documentation, picture, signature and out. I also checked online in their system, and they are two months out from now for appointments, but I must had picked up a cancellation appointment from their system.
Bonita H
from Wisconsin Agent did a great job
Cheryl K
Tab renewal The county was well organized, friendly, courteous and efficient. The appointment was ontime with no issues.
Cynthia S
License renewal and real id Seamless and efficient
Stuart P
license tab renewal Everything went smoothly
Drivers license Renewal and real ID
Jack M
License tags appointmenr good steps of precaution. Prompt service.
Rande G
Punctual & Efficient I arrived for my scheduled appt on time, and immediately received attention. The person who waited on me was very friendly and very helpful. I had a very good experience.
Mary N
Renew drivers license Review of Woodbury Service Counter 5 Staff was courteous and well informed. Process was done efficiently.
Thanks Great services!
Thomas D
License Forest Lake
Suzanne H
License renewal ?..
License Appointment center We were there for passport application. I liked everything with the appointment. A drive through would increase efficiency of appointment and forms can be filled in car. Forms can be left outside or handed post drive through Q&A session. Since online appointments are scarce a lot more centers need to be created or some way is needed to make it more efficient. Thanks for keeping life going on. Stay safe
Dawn L
Tab renewal I loved how organized this was. It was great having an appointment and if possible would suggest continuing that procedure
James C
Picture on license I would like a choice..on a photo for a picture.
Drivers license renewal The registration for the real ID license was very easy, went quickly & the staff person was very courteous. The process took less than 15 minutes
jared w
Clean, Friendly and fast The staff was kind and I was in and out of my REAL ID application within 10 minutes of my appointment. Thanks!
Joel M
Great job! I like having a appointment and the new process.
Cathryn P
License Center Appointment I cannot say enough positive about my experience. Rather than waiting in line not knowing how long I’d wait, having an appointment was great. I was seen on time, and the two staff members who worked with me to renew my driver’s license were knowledgeable and friendly. I hope making appointments at the license center is the way of the future!
john e
I love appointments. In and out in a matter of minutes. Keep the appointments
kevin l
Kevin Lee Great job!very happy with the service.
Megan J
DMV visit I love the scheduled appointments. Was able to get in and out in 20 minutes with no waiting around. I suggest that this process remains indefinitely!
Penny B
License Renewals Fantastic service, ease of scheduling and prompt service. This was a wonderful experience and I have recommended it to so many others! Thank you for all you do!
Richard N
License center Very efficient using reservations system
Professional service Always great, professional service
Susan A
License Center Appointment I recently had to come in to renew my drivers license at the Forest Lake location of the Washington County License Center. With the restrictions due to COVID19 an appointment was necessary. All I can say is whatever changes are made after life gets back to "normal", please do not change this process. I LOVED that I had an actual appointment time and no longer stood in a line like cattle and waited for my number to be called. If I have to make an appointment every time I head to the license center, I welcome that with open arms! Thanks!
Chris H
In and out Schedule was a month out but so much better than waiting outside in a line for 2 hours. I was in and out in 15 minutes.
Carlos A
License Thanks
Anthony M
License renewal Very good service considering the Pandemic and the way companies have had to adapt
Angela K
License appointment Loved the fact that I had an appointment. Great service. No stress. No large waits. Please keep this system going forward. Thank you.
Pamela K
License Center Quick and painless. Had both my notary and driver's license renewed - I was in and out under 15 minutes. Great experience!
Judy P
Very efficient service! My scheduled appointment for my Real ID happened right on time. Very courteous gentleman at counter 3. Even with one hurdle which he helped me through, I was in and out in about 15 minutes.
David B
car tags all went well and if felt safe, thanks, Dave
renewal appointment I was directed to my appropriate counter on time. The clerk handled my issue quickly and I was free to go in 5 minutes. Well done!!!
nkaujlis a
Great and helpful staff! I needed extra time and assistance and staff went beyond her duty to help me out and made sure everything was done correctly.
License renewal The appointment system worked great! As usual the staff was expert and professinal.
Garold J
Great job Great job
Khamsouk C
Well organized. Nice work with making sure everyone is safe durning each visit. Great service and I was in and out in no time.
Marilyn K
Drivers license I wanted an ID license but because I did not bring my marriage license I was told that I had to accept a regular license and apply for a passport if I wanted to fly. This will cost me additional money. I had other ID with my married name on it. My expired license had my married name on it but since I would need to get another appointment I had to go for the non ID license. The gal was polite but this is not satisfactory. Your letter should state that marriage licenses are necessary even if you have had your “new” name for 55 years. I am 80 years old. Thanks!
Jerome L
Renew License/Real ID The renewal process was handled quickly and very efficiently. The lady who helped me was very knowledgeable and made the whole procedure very quick and thorough.
Kathleen S
License and trailer reg Nice lady! Thanks!
Thomas G
renew dl and tabs Review of Woodbury Service Counter 7 Went off perfectly with no problems and very quick
Mary B
Smooth Review of Woodbury Service Counter 8 License center Woodbury
Pamela K
License Center Wonderful experience. In and out in under 15 minutes.
Robin W
Well organized Well organized, on time and friendly.
Yvonne N
Real ID application Great service
Roger H
Great service I actually liked the way the office was run. I spent much less time waiting and was out in about 10 minutes. I'd like to see it continue to be run this way actually.
Dean LaValle
RealID Application The preparation and meeting to apply for the new RealID was very easy and the folks were very helpful and efficient! Thanks all!
A 1
Avis C
Excellent Very clean and efficient.
diane l
Address change on drivers license visit I felt they took exceptional lengths to make people feel safe from contracting the virus there. I left feeling I would be okay. I appreciate their efforts so much!
Kathleen B
Driver’s License Duplicate The lady who waited on us did a very good job. Very friendly and helpful! Nice staff at this site. We had a appointment to renew tabs and found out I could renew the online, which I did. I kept the appointment due to that ly husband lost his driver’s license. I tried to change the reason for the appointment online and it would not allow me to do it. Maybe that is something the county DMV could do to help the citizens of Washington county. Thank you.
William R
Highly Recommend Very safe and excellent service.
Dennis R
boat title very efficient and friendly
John M
Things went well Things went well. I know things are not easy these days. Thank you, John
Marlene L
THANK YOU Everything went well
Michael G
MG Very easy and efficient visit.
Robert N
Driver's license upgrade Facility so well laid out for safe health experience and support people were friendly and very careful to adhere to maintaining a safe experience.
DMV enhanced license Got in early with an appointment and it went smoothly and quickly, painless!
David H
Got done what I needed Everyone was helpful and friendly. I think the measures for coronavirus are a bit overboard.
walter n
Dr lic renewal The guy was great personable and courteous. My question is why doesn't official correspondence from SSA count for the ssn requirement. I had to drive back to home and back to get a 1099. Round trip 45 minutes. Makes no sense.
Service Very quick and courteous.very safe with the distancing with COVID and line directions
Constance R
License Renewal I didn't have to wait long for my scheduled visit. The process went really quick and the person helping me was very friendly. It is wonderful that you have great people to keep help us get the things we need to continue with our lives. Thanks for being there.
Great Staff Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 1 Thee staff was very helpful
Jodi O
Dmv in Stillwater Friendly and efficient staff!
Travis M
Best Driver's Renewal Experience Ever I am so sorry that I did not get the name of the lady who helped me; I believe it was Tina. Very friendly, very efficient and I was in and out very quickly. We should always do appointments at the DMV. I really liked the ability to get in and get out. I had no video clips of Zootopia running through my mind. So pleased.
Mary C
Drivers license center The license center was fine. The mall itself had people who were not wearing masks. There was not a sign on the mall door saying masks are required. The mall owners need to monitor this.
Heather P
Super impressed! My appointment was on time. Everything was clean. Everyone was super friendly. I had to check twice to see if I was at the DMV. LOL! Great job!
Colleen E
Outstanding Service I was very impressed with the service I received from the receptionist and the rep that assisted me with me Real ID Thank you
Tracy D
Drivers License in Woodbury Very fast, clean and friendly experience!
William B
Great service Thank you for the great service, very helpful agent and quick appointment.
Barbara O
Driver license renewal Very pleasant experience, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Made is easy and fast. Thank you.
James H
License Renewal Making an appointment for renewing my license worked out perfect. I was able to get in for my appointment as soon as I arrived. The customer representative was professional and friendly, everything went smooth. It was much better than standing in line in a lobby. No Crowds!
Brian H
Great Customer Service In these Covid times, it was hard to get an appointment online, but when I called they fit me in the next day and even helped with a second service that indexed to do. Both the person who helped set up my appointment and the person who helped me when I went to my appointment were very kind and helpful! Thanks!
Drivers License Renewal I was in on Tuesday at 5:00 - the girl I had helping me was incredibly rude and not helpful at all. I was trying to get a RealID instead of a renewal and had all the paperwork - but she said it wasn't acceptable. I even tried to email her a statement to print out but she wouldn't do it. Not helpful at all. I will not go to the Stillwater DMV in the future. Terrible customer service
Mitch P
Friendly but late start Even though I showed up on time for my 9am appointment, they were not ready for another 20 minutes. Once I was called back, the service was friendly and efficient. The deduction in rating is only for the late start of a scheduled appointment.
Alina N
Real ID application appointment I needed to renew my license/get a REAL ID for the MN requirement for next year to travel domestically without a passport. I signed up for an appointment and pre-applied online. Once I got to the DMV, it took about 20 min max to complete the process. The social distancing was great and I felt very safe.
Ruth C
Great Service! Most things we do now in the time of Covid take more time and more patience. I think this visit to Washington County office was actually more efficient and streamlined than pre Covid. I completed my application and made my appointment online. Then, it only took me less than 10 minutes to complete everything at my appointment. If feasible, I think you should continue this method post Covid. I also had great service at the appointment. Thank you for a great experience!
Emily R
License renewal I had a very pleasant experience! I’ve never been to this location before and it was a treat! Very clean, not crowded, very efficient and friendly staff!! I will be back when necessary! Having an appointment ahead of time made the entire process seamless and simple. The pen sanitizer things on the counter were a neat added bonus and made the process feel safe in a simple way. Overall such a relieving and easy experience I had Put off for too long!
john o
appointment All I can say is... That is the fastest and quickest time I've EVER had at the DMV. and the Lady that helped me was very nice and very knowledgeable. Thank you so much! one more thing, please whatever you do, I beg of you, please keep this by "appointment only" thing going.. I absolutely love it! and it makes things so much easier than waiting around for your number to be called.. best experience ever. thank you so much!
Marcia A
Would rate a 5 quick and easy. Enhanced License renew
Paul G
Engineer Reception, attendance, et al was very courteous, exceptionally excellent.
Betty F
Driver's Lincense Very courteous staff and efficient process
Catherine D
Forest Lake Service Center Everyone was so helpful. I had exc excellent customer service applying for my REAL ID driver's license.
Kelly S
Smooth Process was fast and easy.
Laura L
EDL Phillip was exceptional. Polite, thorough and efficient. I was in and out in 15 min. It was a very pleasant appointment.
Kimberley F
DL renewal This is the best experience that I have ever had at the DMV. The lady at the front desk was very nice and explained in detail what needed to be done by everyone and they lady that helped me at the window was super nice, respectful, and fixed my problem right away. Going to the DMV used to be an awful dreaded experience but was not like that at all, it was great. Thank you.
Steve C
Don't bother Scheduled an appointment for passport renewal. Turns out, they don't do passport renewal any more. Why you can schedule an appointment for something they don't do is a mystery to me. They can take you picture (so can Walgreens, without the two month wait), but that's about it. Waste of time.
Stanley L
Drivers license Great service and it really helped having a appointment
Charles H
it was fast got it done and got fishing thank dsone too thank you
license center Excellent service
Joseph S
Great service- fast & easy The process of getting our registration was easy and fast. Thanks for great service!
Chris S
The counter rep was excellent I appreciate the effort of your staff
Efficient and Friendly Review of Stillwater Service Counter 2 Super efficient, friendly, safe, and clean service. I love the appointment system currently in place - I was in and out for a title transfer in about 5 minutes total. Thanks for the great service!
Patricia T
mixed review Once I got to the center, everything went smoothly. However, getting through the website to make an appt was extremely difficult....only to find that, by the time my appointment, DMV was again accepting walkins.
Amy O
Loved the new system Having a scheduled appointment made everything go so smoothly. Great Covid protocols so easy. I hope you consider continue appointments after Covid.
Michael M
Fast, efficient service. Fast, efficient service done in good humor and in an intelligent manor.
Mary M
Well Run I went thru the process of applying for my enhanced Drivers License. While the overall process was well run, they were very confused when it came to what docs were necessary if a divorce was involved and a name was changed.
Susan H
Great Service The staff was so very helpful at the DMV and managed both people who had appointments and people that were walk-ins so efficiently. They were very friendly and helpful. I drove from White Bear Lake because the experience is always so good.
Good experience I received wick and efficient service, and the guy who helped me was very nice and knowledgeable. It was the first time I've ever been to a DMV and had a good customer service experience.
DMV -DL RENEWAL Right on time appointment - in & out - Very efficient
Jerry G
5 star service Very friendly and helpful- good experience
Aileen V
Project Management Exceptional service from Kim!! She went above and beyond her customer service skills and couldn't have been more kind.
Jennifer M
What a JOKE It was a waste of my time to come in for a real ID. I was told I needed a marriage certificate?? I had my divorce papers with me ( for a just in case ) No one else I know had to have a marriage certificate. I have been divorced for over 20 years and have always stayed current with my license. WHAT A JOKE!
James J
Passport services They were very helpful.
Janice J
Getting license plates and registering my care in MN The person who helped me was patient and efficient, and personable. The whole process worked smoothly. After a grueling nine hours last month getting my driver's license, this all took a half an hour. So pleased.
Ronald R
Title transfer My experience was quick and easy. The service was great!
Applying for a REAL ID in Washington County The Washington County website that tells you all the documentation needed to apply for a REAL ID has not been updated to state what is currently required. I went through a lot of trouble to obtain documents that were no longer required including completing an the application. The website needs to be updated!
Johnnie M
Dmv Out of State title transfer
April L
Appt at DMV Forest Lake Thank you for a wonderful experience at the DMV. The welcome at the front door through the entire process of renewing my drivers license was organized and pleasant. In and out!
carol n
Easy process The driver’s license renewal process was well outlined. I arrived for my appointment as scheduled. Signs & instructions were well defined. The personnel were pleasant & efficient. Health protocols were in place. It was a good experience.
Steve D
Car Registration When I arrived at the building for my appointment, I was immediately escorted to a window for assistance. Kathy was the associate assigned to help me with transferring title of my car to Minnesota from out-of-state. She was very personable, professional and accommodating. The transaction was expedited flawlessly and was completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend this office for your DMV and identification transactions. I also recommend you review their website before your appointment so you come with everything you need. I would also like to see them continue with appointment requirements post pandemic. It seems to work and limits extended wait times. This is my 2nd appointment there in a month and both went really well. Thank you.
Richard M
Great Service, Personal Care I received exceptional service and care during my appointment, and provided with clear instructions and information to be able to complete what I needed. Unlike other locations where clerks do not seem to understand what is needed, and lack caring and personal attention to help out, Washington County exceeds all expectations!
Kimberly G
Great Service! While I think it was a challenge to secure an appointment, and it took two months, the overall process from check-in to execution went extremely well! The team was all very pleasant and very helpful, and the limited amount of people in the space was perfect. Thank you for all the safety procedures and cleaning that went on while I was being taken care of!
Great job I was so impressed with the quality of customer service I got from the Cottage grove dmv with the processing of my passport. The lady who assisted me was so knowledgeable about her job.
Meghan K
Real ID Appointment was honored and on-time. The staff was very helpful; when I forgot my social security card they helped me find other documentation online. I highly recommend making an appointment since they can only take a certain number of walk ins.
Julie M
the guy at counter 11 was very nice everything was clean etc. Website was easy. But you should remove the note about coming 30 days after filling out the Real ID is impossible to get an appointment within 30 days.
Great Great
not a polite listener Loud,'truckstop waitress'type of service.
Shannon E
Thank you for you service! I was able to get in and out within 20 minutes. Great customer service, very friendly, and really efficient.
Brian Mueller
Real ID Appt The staff was amazing! They were polite, prompt and extremely helpful. My wife and I each had an appointment on the same day and had the same experience! Thank you!
Mary S
driver's license renewal Excellent experience with a government body
Lessa G
Quick and Painless In and out in less than 5 minutes for a passport renewal for a child under 16 years of age. I came prepared and that helped immensely. I had also received a phone call the day prior to appointment to go through what documents and forms I needed to fill out and bring with me.
Wayne M
Boat Title and Trailer title Title change
Megan F
Prompt and Helpful Service I made an appointment in August for October (first available). I arrived on time and was directed to a chair to wait to be called. I didn't wait long and was provide prompt and helpful service- renewing my license. The service rep explained my choices to ensure I was getting the right kind of license (Real ID) and not overspending for something I didn't need (enhanced license). I appreciated that she took that time to explain and point out the unnecessary expense. She was also kind to let me ask if my lipstick had smeared under my mask before taking my picture- not critical, but certainly appreciated. I was in and out in less than 20 mins and look forward to receiving my license in 8 weeks.
Driver License renewal Review of Stillwater Service Counter 11 Attendant non-empathetic & brusk considering residents have been sheltering since March 1 and can feel anxious, room felt foreign due to remodel of room with teller-like stations around 3/4 of room. Having served 32 yrs at WACO providing customer service in a prominent department myself, feel that more training is necessary for clerks to put the public at ease and truly be helpful in these unusual trying times. Been a resident of WACO for 40 years and do expect being treated with dignity. The wonderful woman giving out masks at the doorway was kind and welcoming to me. After waiting for four months to be able to renew DL at all was off-putting enough to most folks. Felt like a person was filling out paperwork to be incarcerated in jail Instead of dL renewal. Too bad there wasn’t enough money to provide a couple more inches at the teller window to sat down our paperwork of identity proof. This cramped area added to the discomfort of your “new” process. Bring back MN nice to your employee training, it goes a long way to working with your taxpayers.
Deborah B
Enhanced ID I love the new system of scheduling an appt. Although I had to wait a month to go in, there was a 2 min wait for my appt instead of the 60-90m min wait that has become normal. The lady who helped me was friendly and helpful. Everyone who works there more relaxed and happy with out the crowds waiting.
Fast & Efficient Fast and efficient service once you get in. My Driver's license expired early July. In early June I made an appointment to renew. Earliest available at that time was late August. I completed pre-application materials online. Once at the License office, new pictures etc took less than 5-min. Wear your mask. Mind your distance. Follow the lines... ...and now Real-Id requires processing by Federal I was told if I don't receive my new license by December, I should let them know.
Excellent experience My appointment was for renewal/upgrade of my driver's license. It was a very pleasant experience. Great service.
Faith S
Horse trailer tabs and license renewal My experience was surprisingly good. It was easy quick and the staff was quite pleasant
Carol W
Fabulous! Making an appointment was the best thing ever! Everyone was so well organized that I was in and out so quickly I could hardly believe it. Thanks so much!
Great Service Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 1 Renewed my License at Forest Lake Counter #1 on 10/27. Upgraded to the RealID. Great experience, great service and very friendly employee. Well done!
Drivers license renewal It took 2 months to get an appointment, but once I had the appointment it was super smooth. The representative I had was great! I was in and out in 15 minutes!
Yejin H
Passport appt Review of Cottage Grove Service Counter 2 We were very satisfied in our appointment. Staff was very kind and all the safety route was good.
The quick and the not so quick Took forever to get an appointment, huge drawback. But, I went in straight to an agent and was out of there in under ten minutes.
Ella G
5/5 Review of Woodbury Service Counter 3 Everyone was super kind and very helpful. Was in and out within 30 minutes. City clean and orderly environment. Best DMV experience I’ve had.
Andrew W
Email A little confused, but good intent and service.
Mary E
Renew License / Real ID Review of Stillwater Service Counter 11 Very thorough accurate process with good customer service.
Nancy T
Safe, Easy, Fast I was impressed at how easy it was for someone with an appointment to transact business. Everyone masked, social-distanced, but only 2 of us being served, 3 or 4 clerks, and business as usual. Renewing an expiring driver’s license easy as pie.
Linda P
Went well Very smooth. No problems
Address update The timing was perfect. I was called in right on time for appointment. Representative was very helpful and courteous.
Real ID app I was an hour early but they took me anyway. I was in and out in a matter of 15 minutes! The agent was very helpful and friendly from beginning to the end!
Brian K
Washington co license center Very well organized, wonderful knowledgeable staff just made everything a breeze.
Thasaphon D
Kind,understanding,informed,helpful,good heart staff. helpful,informed,smiles,safe, clean,good heart staff.
Billie M
License renewal- Real ID Good experience- quick - easy- staff was very good!
Thomas K
Great service, thoughtful assistance I went to window #8 to obtain a duplicate tag for my motorcycle. I got great practical advice from a very thoughtful representative who took the time to listen, appeared to care about my questions and responded in a helpful and effective response.
Mary Jo N
Enhanced ID Review of Stillwater Service Counter 13 Excellent service and very informative...
Emily E
Andrew was great My experience at the Washington county license center was excellent. Andrew was very helpful and patient.
William P
driver license renewal in and out on time, girl was very helpful and Courteous
Heidi E
Very organized and timely The staff were friendly, polite and helpful.
Bethany G
Great experience! We were very pleased with our appointment at the DMV! Our appointment started on time and the person assisting us, Molly, was kind, thorough and efficient. We hope the ability to make appointments (even on only certain days) is a permanent change!
Tanya H
License address change Office is very safe and friendly staff. Great experience.
Forest lake I found the personnel very efficient
Jeff M
License renewal Process was great. Everything on time. People were friendly and even though one of the customers was abrasive to staff, staff remained professional and courteous
Harvey T
Good service. Good Covid measures Still some confusion about acceptance of required documents for enhanced.
Julie W
License renewal Wonderful customer service, they took me early and made it very easy
Nancy C
Renew drivers license Real ID Went smoothly, no problems. Very clean
Love Appointments Quick in and quick out. Love the ability to schedule appointments. Please keep this after covid. So much more pleasant and efficient!! Thanks DMV!
Theodore G
Awesome service The person that took care of our passport pictures and documentation was great.
Sue T
Service was wonderful. The staff was great to work with and got us done in amazing time.
Tom O
Wow, keep this program Appointmenr took less tgan 5 minutes. Keep this program going!
Joe B
License renewal Lady who helped me was so nice and helpful.
Scott H
License address change Very quick, friendly and safe process.
Elizabeth P
Loved it This was a great way to transact necessary DMV service! I knew my exact time. My assigned person/counter was ready and waiting for me. As I left my thought was I hope this system stays in place well after COVID. I didn’t have to waste a morning waiting for my number to be called. This was a great use of time!
Great job! Very personable Great job! Very personable.
Marlena L
Passport I liked being able to make an appointment. It went smoothly and I am happy with the person who helped us.
Mandi C
Great Service! Came in for a passport appointment and was greated right away and had everything done in about 10 minutes. Very slick!
Melissa S
Change of Address Great, efficient, and friendly service. My daughter and I had appointments and only waited a few minutes.
Great customer service! Review of Stillwater Service Counter 8 The representative was great to work with. Thank you!
David V
license renewal clerk was very helpful
Stanley Meyer
Application for a real ID I was treated very patiently, In a friendly manner and very efficiently!
Matthew H
Fast and efficient excellent service, I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. well done.
Appointments are Nice I really liked having an appointment rather than the old style wait for 1-2 hours. I would even pay a $5-10 fee in order to have an appointment time and not have to wait in line.
Michael B
great job I arrived there slightly early and was taken to the counter immediately. The lady working at the counter was friendly, courteous, and well versed in her tasks. She explained my options for a new drivers license, and confirmed which option would be best for me. All totaled the visit lasted between 15 and 20 minutes, and was probably the best visit to a DMV office I have ever experienced.
Ricardo V
License appointment Great service! Very friendly staff
shanti n
Application Absolutely great service. Welcoming staff.
Sherilyn H
Easy and efficient This was my first experience with scheduling an appointment for a specific date/time. Though the wait for an appointment was long, the actual day of was great. Walked right in, and was directed to a counter. Process was smooth and employees were great.
Update License to Real ID I had a great experience at the Woodbury location. Very clean and easy process when you make an appointment.
Martin K
Good experience but... I checked in out front and was immediately sent in to see someone. Overall a quick process. My only concern is that I was the only customerin the entire place. It had 11 different marked windows with most occupied by an employee. Why weren't more people being seen? Again, a good experience for me...
Martha W
Real Driver's License Review of Woodbury Service Counter 11 Although it took 2 months to get in for an appointment, the procedure went well. Applied Covid rules
License tabs & License renewal I had a 9:00 AM appointment on a Monday morning at the Woodbury office. I was helped immediately when I arrived and everything went smoothly. I am appreciative and kudos to all the staff working through Covid-19 to help citizens get their tabs & license. Larry
Christopher L
Friendly and helpful Clerk deserves a high five
Melissa D
5star service Stephanie was so nice and quick it was refreshing to go to the DMV
Jill H
enhanced license Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 11 Went very smoothly! Nice to have an appt so you didn't have to wait!!
Mitchell J
Boat registration. Easy. Good setup. Thank you.
Victoria Amarie D
Great service! Service was fast and the staff especially the receptionist was so friendly in Forest Lake during our appointment.
Diane D
License Renewal I filled our the renewal pre-application online on May 18, but could not get an appointment scheduled until July 28th and my license expired during that time. My husband drove me to the Stillwater licensing office. The woman at the table in the hall greeted me politely and had me stand in the Pre-Applied line. Within 20 minutes she led me into the office. The agent at window 11 was very polite and helpful. She checked all my documents required for the real ID and took my photo. Everything went smoothly. It was a very positive experience.
William G
Drivers License Renewal Excellent service, made a appointment ahead of time super good directions as to where to go and what to do once there.
Jennifer F
Deputy Registrar 167 Review of Woodbury Service Counter 7 My customer service representative (window #7) was excellent in every extra thing she did. Very well informed and pleasant to work for.Accurate and very timely and helpful!
John P
license renewal Review of Woodbury Service Counter 3 Made appointment to renew my license 2 months in advance. Walked into Woodbury location 10 minutes for my appointment and a gentleman greeted me and took my old license and told me I had to wait outside until the buzzer he gave me vibrated. My appointment was for 4:00. At 4:15 I finally went back in to ask why I have to wait when I made an appointment 2 months ago? He then tells he didn't know I had an appointment. I stated when I checked in and I handed you my old license and paperwork I filled out on-line 2 months ago wouldn't that be enough proof? Why don't the person greeting you ask if the person has an appointment instead of assuming that person is a walk in? There were 9 tellers with only 3 customers being helped at any given time. I understand taking precautions for Covid-19 but to see such inefficiency is unacceptable.
Shelby P
Great Sharon, who halped me was very patient because of course I had an issue; my marriage certificate from 1961 didn't come up on the system. She persevered and got the whole think taken care of. Very patient and knowledgeable.
Karyn P
On time On time & efficient
Drivers license was a good experience, employees were very courteous and helpful.
John L
Driver’s license Great job. Friendly and helpful.
Ryan O
Safety measures When I left the DMV they were preparing to let in a young guy who didn't have a mask do that troubled me. and I know for a fact he didn't have one because when you stood in line behind me, I asked him to put his on, and he told me so
Ashley N
Misinformation I had all of the required information outlined but was denied my Enhanced ID. My SSN had my maiden name on it and I was denied even though I had my marriage certificate and all other required articles had my legal name on them
Mari K
Driver License Renewal to Real ID I would give 5 out of 5 stars! Very orderly and the person I worked with was very friendly and fluent in what she was doing. Thank you
Lawrence G
Good experience p Everything went smoothly. One suggestion would be to have your people speak up, they're very hard to understand when they are speaking through a mask from behind a plexiglass barrier.
Barbara G
drivers license everyone was very helpful cautious and pleasant to deal with.
Christine S
Passport assistance The gal assisting me was great! She answered all questions and I let her know I was very pleased and thanked her for her patience.
jennifer b
Tuesday at the DMV The woman who took care of me was very patient and kind and professional. I had a hard time standing for that long. There was nowhere to sit down and fill out my forms. Other than that everything was fine.
gail k
Best DMV experience ever Renewed my license yesterday. Made appointment some time ago. I have never enjoyed having to visit the Dmv, but this was the best. Please please please keep the availability to schedule appointments even when covid19 is finished!!
Cassandra H
Driver's license renewal Review of Stillwater Service Counter 8 Service was very quick and friendly, location was clean and properly distanced. I'm really impressed with the scheduling system, it made the whole process less stressful and much more efficient it seemed.
Jessica A
Excellent and fast service! Loved being able to schedule an appointment- easy in and out so I could be on my way!
Dhruv K
Fast and easy We were in an out within 15 mins. Felt absolutely safe and comfortable. The telephone and email reminders are really helpful but a bit excessive
Christopher T
Great Service Today went more smooth then normal at this site. I feel that a similar style of service be provided after the world gets back to normal.
Diana U
Title transfer My experience was exceptional. Everyone was very nice. The woman that waited on me was absolutely amazing. Friendly and very knowledgeable. It was one of the only times I can think of that was a pleasure to do my service.
David B
Renew MN drivers license at Stillwater DMV The DMV did a great job getting me in and out of my appointment in about 5 minutes. The problem is scheduling an appointment and waiting 3 months to get in! There was no line and only 4 of the 16 desks being used. The scheduling could have very likely have been much better.
kristine k
Great customer service I came to renew my drivers license and get the real ID version. The person who took care of me at window 8 for my 5pm appointment was very pleasant and very efficient. She made the whole process very painless.
Sarys Gomez-Lira
Get Enhanced Drivers License Molly was professional, efficiient and kind. She is a great resource to have at the Woodbury MN DMV. Thanks
Neal G
Tabs Tabs
Driver's license renewal very good employees working for this office.
Kardam A
Passport Renewal Kept the appointment time, cleaned areas with good social distance practice, nice staff member who helped go through the process smoothly and quickly.
Tabs paid for by Mail, Cashed check, still not Tabs Ordered tabs months ago by mail, cashed check and no tabs sent, I made appointment to come in and was told they cannot help, I can only go onto website a file, I paid and did not receive tabs...
Suzanne M
License Renewal Recently, I had an appointment to renew my drivers license and upgrade to a Real ID. My experience was fabulous. Pleasant, helpful staff, organized, example of following the safety protocols for COVID-19 that I’ve seen to date. Oh, and my appointment took about 20 minutes from start to finish. When does that happen at the DMV?? 😉 I overheard a staff member talking to another customer about how happy they all are about the process. Seems like you might be in to something long-term.
Debra M
5 5
Forest Lake Address Error Service was prompt. Address provided on DVS website for Forest Lake office is 19955 Forest Blvd N, but it is actually located at 19955 Forest Rd N. The incorrect street name will take you to the wrong location.
Dayle K
Exceptional I made appt online for my dad and when he got home he called to tell me how great his experience was. He said it should always be that way. Thank you!
Mike R
Stillwater DMV - renew enhanced license Review of Stillwater Service Counter 13 7/29/2020 I had to make an appointment which was about 6 weeks out.. but when I arrived, everyone was very polite and professional. I arrived 15 min earlier to my 10am appointment and was walked right in. Took 15 mins for a new pic and enhanced license paperwork. If I have any DMV stuff that needs to be handled, I will return to Stillwater DMV. Thanks Mike R
Taylor T
Bad experience I couldn’t even renew my license because the system was down and the lady there offered no help. Now my license expires in 2 weeks and I cannot get another appointment until weeks after it expires. I would give 0 stars if possible.
nancy k
Above and beyond The lady In The front was an angel sent from heaven
Chandra B
Enhanced ID The whole process went exceptionally well. It was well organized from start to finish. I felt very safe and comfortable even in the midst of this pandemic. Thank you for the great service.
Nancy H
Great service! A big thank you to Katie for her help in finalizing my real ID paperwork. This was my 3 visit in the past 6 months to get this done and she was so patient and helpful!
Enhanced license renewal I was not expecting to make an appointment! This should have been clearer on the renewal card and I could have saved a trip. The appointment went fine. Nice people as greeter & the gal who actually helped me update my license
David Y
Easy and safe Well organized, on time and quick. Safety seems a priority.
Debbie P
Tabs ?
Renewal enhanced drivers license Best experience at a dmv! Very friendly and efficient!
Excellent Service Unfortunately I did not ask for the name of the person that help me with my car registration, but I just want to say that she was AWESOME!
Jeffrey M
Good service The appointment process worked well. We even got in a little early and were in and out in about less than 10 minutes.
Linda H
Real I D Totally satisfied with the people I dealt with. Especially Katie.
Lori K
Renew liscene They need to get a little bit more organized but they did pretty good with the covid-19 The Mask thing and keeping people safe and at a safe distance
Andrew N
Excellent! Everything went very exactly as I would have hoped. The staff was organized, timely, and was able to answer any and all questions that I had.
enhanced very good
Susan M
Easy and quick Although I had to book the appointment a couple months in advance, when I arrived it was quick and easy. No lines, went immediately to a service counter and completed my business.
Matthew C
Real ID Aimee and her colleague did a fantastic job helping me to resolve an issue in Ohio and printing a form to ensure my real ID application was accepted. I also felt extremely safe from a Covid perspective as they had very good sanitization measures in place.
Noah P
DMV Nice to be able to schedule an appt time vs having to wait in line. Just had to bring in some additional paperwork for the enhanced ID
Jackie F
Real ID Went well, first time I’ve ever been to the DMV without a long wait. Soooo much less stressful when you have an appointment blocked. And the staff were the nicest and friendliest I’ve ever experienced
Not helpful Review of Stillwater Service Counter 11 Not helpful, there needs to be more organization in the processes that are put in place to secure a change of address/ drivers license when moving from out of state into Minnesota. The website and the counter person should also be presenting the SAME information.
Scott L
Renewing Tabs Very efficient process given the CoVid circumstances. Very polite and courteous help.
Ruby T
Not sure what you want here I thought the person helping me was in a hurry. There wasn't that many people there. She took a terrible picture for my license and didn't ask if it was ok Usually when I renew , they always ask if the picture is ok.
Sonia B
Very helpful and friendly staff. Aside from finding out when I got there for my appointment that their online was down, the staff was very friendly and helpful. It would be helpful if those with appointments could be called when the online is down.
Lucita D
Good Good
Title transfer Staff was efficient and courteous.
Woodbury License Center I had made an appointment about six weeks prior. When I got to the license center there were three staff people checking in, but only one line. The three of them were clustered together and seemed to be only servicing one person at a time. However there were two check in kiosks. I would recommend that one line be for those who have an appointment and the other line for those that do not (who expect to wait). I did not expect to wait since I had an appointment. When I finally got to my assigned counter, there was no one there. I had to go back to the check in person and she had to find someone to come help me. Not a very smooth experience
Thank you I felt safe during the process. Everything was wiped down, the tables and equipment were cleaned, it wasn’t crowded and even the pens were sanitized. All the other facilities and restaurants should follow their system.
Chris K
Great service The person in charge of counter number five at the license Center was very enjoyable to work with and very knowledgeable. I was very pleased with my visit
Linda S
Dept of motor vehicles Appointment went smoothly especially since I had all the documents I needed. Info was from website
Janet H
Renew License & New plates and tabs Review of Woodbury Service Counter 7 Very pleasant and quickly accomplished
Pamela S
Best experience ever! I had a scheduled appointment. It went very smoothly. I was in an out in 10 minutes. Thank you so much!
Nick T
Smooth and quick process. Booking appointment should always be the way to get a license Booked a time on line. Showed up at the time and got in. Everyone e was in masks and kept everything g clean and safe.
Shawn N
Great experience! I loved making an appointment. Friendly service, knowledgable staff.
Excellent help! I had waited 2 months to get in. It was an easy place to get to and not much traffic being south of town and right off of 61. People were very nice and I got in and got done promptly. My only complaint is about all the documentation that I was told to bring, which took awhile to find, and they probably only looked at half of it. In addition, the form I completed asked questions such as my parents birth place. This was not a request per the information listed online. I am glad that is done. I did not want to be turned away not having the correct documentation and then have to come back in another month or two. Thank you very much!!’
Experience I had an amazing experience! I made an appointment! Was greeted with friendly faces and directed where to go. Everything was clean and running smoothly! Thank you
DL 20 Mts out of the door. But some employees are just walking around without much help. It took me more than 50 days to get an appointment. But once you are in, you are out soon than before.
x ? --(Body of car? --This was a title transfer. --I'm not sure what you're asking in relation to service here..
Vernon R
Overall organization The entire staff has great communication between each other to ensure safety for all.
Renee F
Tabs renewal Quick and easy
charles s
Ran to perfection From the minute you walk in the door there’s a wonderful youg ladywhi verifies your appointment and literally walks u up to the clerk that will assist you. Every step if the way. Courtesy and pleasant staff are the exact opposite of the stereo typical DMV facility. They can’t remove all your gray hairs in your license photo but you will leave in a better mood than the one you came with
Stanley B
DMV Did a great job
Douglas B
In and out in 5 min w/appointment Needed tabs. Had the check already written. Transaction took less than 5 minutes. DO NOT get rid of the ability to make an appointment. PLEASE!
Berton O
Awesome. Great customer service.
Jaclyn U
Great On time, friendly Staff and quickly done. Was easy to schedule and reminders were timely.
Mark K
Visit to Wash County License You need to put some signs on the road to let customers know the license bureau is inside that strip mall. Having not been there before, you drive into that mall parking lot and see NOTHING regarding the license center. Spend a few bucks and put up a sign.
Mary B
Dmv Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 9 Exceptional and helpful service. Punctual and very friendly. Positive experience
Gary D
License center The staff was very friendly and helpful they took care of my concern and explained everything about it Great job
Joan L
Good.experience I got in early actually and got done quickly. Quiet, unhurried atmosphere.
Mai Kau M
Had an appointment Had an appointment but had to wait for a few minutes to get services.
Jonathan S
Enhanced DL Fast and easy process when I arrived for my appointment. Great customer service.
mike g
tab very impressed
Mike G
apply for real-id license Great experience. Felt safe, helpful,pleasant staff.
Jeffrey B
Real ID License I needed to renew my driver’s license so I did all the pre-check work. I scheduled an appointment a month in advance. After waiting a few minutes for my turn, I provided all the necessary proof of identity info, and was done in about 10 minutes. Impressively smooth process!
Very good service Everything went very well with obtaining a Real ID. Only thing I noticed was 3 or 4 lady clerks talking in the back while a number of folks were waiting out in the lobby. Seems like more work could be accomplished. But lady helping me was great.
Gretta L
Quick service I made an appointment and was in and out in 15 minutes, efficient service!
Kelly B
Real ID Absolutely the best and most efficient way to do business. I made an appointment and was in and out within 20 minutes. Please consider keeping this service as is. Thanks!!
Reciel F
Prompt and Courtesy Great service as always. Felt safe at all times.
Amy Augustine
Excellent, friendly service My recent visit was the best DMV experience of my life. Despite the awful mask mandate, I found the employee I worked with to be very friendly, helpful, and efficient. Good job being on time also!
Gordon F
Real ID driver’s license plus new tabs Met with Lisa and did a great job helping me!
Stacy L
So nice and helpful Passport renewal for both kids was a breeze today. Forest Lake Service Center always aims to please.
Melissa L
Great Enhanced License Appt Got in within 5 minutes of my appointment time. Did not feel rushed at anytime and all my questions were answered. Great experience - Thank you!!!
Robin J
Experience It was a great experience. No waiting and everyone was friendly.
Gerald S
Driver's License Renewal Before I went to my 11 a.m. appt to renew my license, I went on your site that said it would speed up time at the renewal site, so did, and filled out everything about me, name, address, phone, etc., then it asked for my checking account number and router number and I gave it and it said the price will be $32, so I hit the next button and it said my application is complete and my new license will be sent to me in 6 to 8 days and no need to go to the renewal Woodbury location. I thought that was really funny so went to Woodbury location and told her what happened and she said no, the County will not ask for that information but she tried her computer to do something, then left and came back and said yes, what you did online is right and you don't have to do anything here. She said it was something brand new that she wasn't even told about. Now I am still worried that I won't get my license, as I checked my bank account and the $32 hasn't been withdrawn. I don't want to go through six more weeks of waiting for an appt so sure hope I am going to get my license in the mail shortly. I am worried I"m not going to get it and have to start rom scratch again. Even Woodbury was surprised, as nobody told them.
Claudia S
Driver’s License Renewal Personal
Eric Langness
License Center Appointment The gal that assisted was friendly and efficient.
Patrick D
Boat title Great service
Scott S
DL Renew update to real ID Great service in a safe environment. Thank You!
Bernard S
Real ID Excellent service, friendly personnel
Song V
Tabs Fast and friendly
Kenneth D
Get Real ID Great experience; fast, friendly, and helpful window 9
Richard J
Enhanced DL Everyone was friendly and the process was quickly done. The setting up of a appointment for these time consuming items is well with the effort put forth. In the future it would be nice to be able to set appointments for some of the services.
Entry door The center seemed to do quite a bit of prevention as far as virus spread. One thing came to mind right away is the entry door that everyone had to touch. Since it was not automatic door, people need to clean their hands right after entering to the room. A sanitizer dispenser next to the inside door would be helpful. One outside the door would be good too. If there was one already, put it at a location that people will see and will use it.
Brenda A
Awesome experience Although it was very busy and a bit chaotic for others, I was helped quickly (I had an appt) and efficiently. The employees were very friendly and helpful. I was in and out of there in a short amount of time.
Sabyasachi K
Driver’s license Renewal Had awesome experience maintaining social distancing and the support staff is very helpful.
Michael K
Renewal Appointment Had a reservation for almost two months for a license renewal. I was met in the lobby by a friendly receptionist. I told her I was there for my appointment. She directed me to which counter space to go to. Counter attendant was friendly,polite and helpful. Process was simple.
Stillwater DMV Office A wonderful DMV Office! We were greeted very nicely and our wait time was very minimal. The office was very clean and the staff were well organized, pleasant, and efficient. A pleasing experience even though the staff are working long hours during the pandemic. Thanks to all the staff at the Stillwater DMV Office!
Friendly and helpful Friendly and helpful
Karen C
Real ID appointment The young woman who helped me was very friendly and helpful. However, the system was down and wouldn’t accept my passport, so I was told I would need to return. Very disappointing especially since this was my second attempt, even after waiting two months for my appointment.
Timothy A
Excellent service. The experience was great. Very friendly staff. Keep up the good work.
Sandra G
license Review of Stillwater Service Counter 5 real license
Jan S
Title transfer Awesome service. In time
ghousia s
Passport application Very happy with the help and assistance provided by the representative good job with five stars
Awesome Experience! Had my appointment time and their newly adapted system is super smooth and I was unexpectedly surprised. In and out within 20 mins. I made sure to mention how great it was on my way out! Thanks for making it a great experience!!
Brian DeVries
Drivers License Renewal Lady who helped me was very helpful and pleasant! Best experience with government employee ever!!!
Joseph G
Smooth sailing The RealID requirements can be a bit complex so I made sure to bring several extra documents with me. The appointment process worked great, almost made me wish we could always do that. Staff was very helpful and on-task, not just with me but clearly doing their best to help others that had questions.
Nicholas H
Appointment I scheduled to have an appointment at 5 on July 31st. Making an appointment saved me tons of times and I also felt prioritized. I feel like it should almost be appointment only so everyone could have a smooth experience!!
Paul H
Amazing The lady I worked with was extremely pleasant. When I went in the first time, I was told that I can wait, or I can set up an appointment. I set up an appointment. I was in and out within 10 mins.
Brande B
License Time Needed to renew my license and complete address change. It was easy to schedule an appointment online, and the woman who helped was courteous and knowledgeable. She was able to assist with a couple other items, such as tabs and lien release as well. Thank you!
James S
Renew dL and change address Arrived at 10:45 for an 11:00 appointment. I checked in and was told to take a seat. At 11:02 I was called back and was helped by a very courteous person and was walking out the door within minutes. A very painless experience.
Eugene D
Tabs and title change Very good web site to navigate, good, complete information, sent a reminder day before appointment, excellent service at the counter,helped resolved extra problems. Thank you
Jan H
Excellent service for a complicated sale Review of Stillwater Service Counter 5 We had a number of issues with a car sale. It took a few different transactions to make it work.our clerk was a great resource and very thorough. It was worth waiting for an appointment (scheduled 6 weeks ago) to get it sorted out.
Heather R
Visit Review
Great Service We had an appointment and the service representative was great. We did not feel rushed as we had a few things to accomplish at the DMV that day. Great job to the employees.
Jesse B
Excellent Public Health Protocols! Thank you Washington County for the excellent public health protocols in place. I felt safe in paying for my car tabs!! Be safe, be well!
Sue C
License renewal License
janet v
Renewal of driver license Review of Stillwater Service Counter 11 Very organized and efficient. 5* on COVID safety👍
Angela N
New Real ID I really was please by the staff and them keeping everyone safe, it was quick and easy.
Mary K
scott a
you are doing a good job I found getting in and taking care of business was easier this way.
Daniel T
Good experience Having an appointment was great. Got right in and clerk was great. Making an appointment was a challenge as always seemed fully booked.
Drivers License Renewal Drivers License Renewal
Kindra W
Great experience applying for passport The staff working with us to apply for my passport were knowledgeable and patient.
Fantastic I lost my license on 7/19 and originally couldn’t get in for an appointment to replace my Real ID until 9/14. Luckily I kept checking the site, and an appointment opened on 7/23. I was in and out of the office in 5 minutes, which included a brief wait. I’m loving this appointment situation. I get everything taken care of SO much quicker now. I hope they keep this model even after they’re caught up and COVID calms down.
Special plates The DMV person did an excellent job, was knowledgeble and explained the requirements and various costs. I hope they have input in evaluating the new system prior to it's debut.
Kay O
Tab renewal I prefer this method moving forward. It was quick and no waiting.
Diana A
Drivers license renewal I was missing a document in order to get my enhanced license.. I had to run home twice.. they were very nice and I found what I needed and finished up.. was very happy they were so patient with me.. thank you
Julie D
great service Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 9 Very friendly, professional, helpful service. thank you!
Haresh P
Amazing Experience Facility Is super clean and easy to apply if have appointment.
License fast and friendly
Greg S
License renewal Everyone was quite conscientious about cleanliness and social distancing. Appointment was taken on time. Everyone was very pleasant and wearing a mask. Felt very safe. Quite impressed.
Brenda C
Perfect pertect, clean, organized and very friendly I only wish I remembered the name of the lady who helped me! she paid alot of attention to sanitizing the equipment while also appreciating my time. I was at counter 9 on Monday evening at 5
Audrey C
Quick and friendly service The women working at the counter were very thorough, friendly and quick.
David B
Enhanced License Check-in went well as expected. The main person who processed the enhanced license materials was very helpful and made everything clear. I was pleased with her assistance.
Susanne S
Make your appointment EARLY - Appointment was a breeze - 10 minutes in and out I had my appointment scheduled for 4pm. Got there about 3:58 and checked right in and went to my assigned window directly. I had all my paperwork as needed and was able to get my renewal and new Real ID in less than 10 minutes. I Like the appointment BUT that being said I made the appointment at the end of JUNE 26 and the first available time was AUGUST 24. I would say 2 months to wait for an appointment is the only FAIL.I also tried several times to go back online to see if there were any new openings. No success in moving it up.
Gregory D
DL renewal organized, on time, friendly. Well done!
Laurie G
Efficient, safe distanced, excellent customer service What a tertific job providing safe, efficient service!
Mike Loos
Real Id application and DL renewal The process was extremely efficient. I was impressed with the speed, courtesy, and efficiency of the personnel at the center. I had a 10 AM appointment, I was on time, and I was processed and out in 12 minutes. Great work!
Nicole S
Efficiently Excellent Served promptly! Greeted very nicely when arriving at Center. No lines and social distancing was excellent. Great sanitizing procedures! Clerk was super respectful and courteous.
Helpful staff Staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.
Mark K
Enhanced ID processing The team at Stillwater DMV were amazing - in and out in about 15 minutes. Helpful answers to my questions and right on schedule with their appointment system. Couldn’t have asked for any better - always a pleasure😊
Renewal Very organized
John M
License renewal Had a very good experience renewing my license to Real ID. Location was kept sanitary and process was very quick.
sarah s
5 stars Everything went as scheduled great Job!!!
Michael F
Drivers license renewal The appointment I had to get a new Real ID could not have gone better. The person that waited on me was very professional, friendly and proficient. It was a pleasant experience.
Passport Application Review of Cottage Grove Service Counter 1 I don't remember the name of the lady who helped our family, but she was extremely helpful and processed our applications quickly. She took care of the applications for our children which had to be filed in person and also took the time to look over the applications my wife and I were going to mail in. Thank you for the friendly and excellent service!
Daniel M
Always the best Never had a bad experience at Wash/Woodbury office
Razia A
Excellent Service The service agent that helped was very polite, gave good suggestions and very friendly
Howard P
Fast and friendly Tough it was a long way to go it did take long once I got there
Paul R
Change of Address License The Staff at the Forest Lake facility were awesome! Friendly, knowledgeable and a great experience.
Owen N
enhanced license renewal Review of Woodbury Service Counter 3 I was served on time, all went smoothly, and I was done in under 20 minutes. Thanks.
Joel B
Visit While the length of time it took to get an appt took forever, our visit was great. All precautions were taken to keep distancing and cleaning after people left was great.
Beverly M
DL renewal ?
Michael H
AWESOME STAFF Fast and friendly staff. Everyone was nice and personable. Highly recommend this DMV.
Technology Renew license
Todd H
Enhanced ID process Things went very smoothly and finished in plenty of time. Great process and felt very safe regarding virus protocols.
Michael J
Drivers License Renewal Excellent service
Driver's License Renewal Great experience at Woodbury License Center. Friendly, helpful and professional employees!
You can do better than this! Third time getting an appt. What a complete joke. You have been open for 3 months now. Hire more people... open up the hours. Waiting over 2 months for an appt is RIDICULOUS. We are not in a pandemic/quarantine anymore.
Debra M
Fabulous experience I was so impressed with how quick and efficient it went with having an appointment!
Michael M
Customer Service I went obtain my Real ID yesterday, and the service was outstanding. I arrived 10 minutes early, and they immediately directed me to one of the customer service staff. They were prepared, efficient, and very polite. I walked out with everything completed in 10 minutes time. Thank you for the great customer service.
New Registration Appointment. Everyone was extremely helpful and efficient This is the way an office is suppose operate. Thank you !
Mn Driver License Renewal Appointment was on schedule. Everyone was polite and efficient. Great job!
Jacqueline S
Great service I was there to renew my drivers license. I had an appointment. Everyone was friendly and organized. They helped me troubleshoot a few things and gave me options. I didn’t feel rushed. Everything was very clean and well laid out for social distancing and cleaning. It was a bummer to have to wait for an appointment but other than that all went smoothly. All the agents I came in contact with were very friendly and helpful!
Jane M
Real ID license Having an appointment to get my Real ID went well. So much better than waiting in a line for who knows how long. I was in and done within about 10 minutes. I did the the pre application online so there were not any forms to fill out when I got there. I knew ahead of time exactly which documents I needed to bring. My only disappointment was there is a service fee for using a credit card which I was not aware of until I needed to pay. It wasn’t much but I would have brought a check or cash had I known ahead of going to the appointment. I hope they continue to use the appointment system. It worked really well.
Laeana M
Costumer service Everyone of the people that we came in contact with where patient and nice!
Orrin and Josephine N
liense every thing went fine
David N
Nice service My appointment was right on time. Got done what I needed. Nice staff.
Jennifer F
Great service Ihad a very good experience renewing my drivers license and getting a passport photo. The woman in the hallway was so nice and accommodating. The agent was very easy to work with. Overall we had an excellent experience.
Gary B
License Renewal I made my appt five weeks out to allow the proper time to receive my Real ID. Also filled out the paperwork online. Arrived at 3:00 and was promptly waited on. The whole process took 10 minutes plus I received a thank you for filling out the forms ahead of time. Easiest renewal I have ever had.
Carmen P
Excellent service It has been an amazing experience, the staff phone call me half an hour before the appointment making sure I got all the paperwork needed. At the location she answered all my questions and the process was fast and she was kind and helpful. Everything was done in about 20 minutes.
Robert D Hammerlund
Excellent experience! Super easy. Should go to appointment options for long-term.
Richard i
Quick and friendly appointment was quick and efficient and lady was friendly and helpful. Best license renewal ever, kudos.
Jill M
License renewal Kathleen Berends was wonderful to work with for my license renewal at the Hardwood Creek location. She was happy, efficient, and helpful. She made the process very pleasant. Well done!
Lindsey M
Neat and clean Everyone had masks on and the appointment went fast
Herbert P Peiffer
Awesome Work The nice ladies that run the DMV desk, very courteous and professional KUDOS
David C
Smooth Process With an appointment and having filled out the paperwork online, I was in and out in less than 10 minutes for a real ID application.
Renew Driver License Awesome job by Washington county
Great Service Staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, & helpful. they had answers to all our questions & helped us through our applications to get everything completed & submitted.
Karen W
Easy Peasy! Very efficient process for my Real ID. In an out in less than 10 minutes!
Marsha F
Change Car Title n Tags Greeter n Server were both so helpful n most of all friendly. Was stressed when went in but so relaxed when we left! Thanks!! Will come again!
Daniel S
License renewal I was in and out in 15 mins. Current process seemed organized and ran smooth.
Pamela L
License renewal Review of Stillwater Service Counter 5 Excellent service with smile and consideration
License service Staff person was very helpful and patient as we worked through all the requirements for the expanded license. Excellent pandemic precautions. The wait for the appointment was long, over 2 months but once there it went smoothly.
Eric M
License Renewal The entire process went smoothly. I did not catch the persons name that processed my application but she did a fantastic job.
Korey F
License renewal experience Would give zero stars if I could. Showed up for my appointment made back in May (first available) to find out that systems were down and that they couldn’t process anything. No recommendation for when or how I could renew my expired license. Just told that I should reschedule. Hard to do when there are no appointments to request. Ignore sure what I will be doing to get my license renewed at this point as you all have made it damn near impossible.
Great experience! They have their process down to a science with added covid precautions. I was expecting a stressful experience and it was amazing! This was my first time at the Woodbury office although I have been to other locations in Washington county. 12/10 would recommend.
David B
Great system Love the online scheduling and service. Thank you!
Great service Thanks for having appointment times and being so efficient!
Why no email update when canceling appointments? Review of Stillwater Service Counter 8 I had an early appointment to renew my license (which took weeks to schedule) and when I arrived I was told that the system was down, because of hurricanes in the south. I can be understanding of that, but my upset is that we didn't receive an email, letting us know they were canceling appointments. I had to get my children up early and bring them to daycare early, to have a cancelled appointment. *Note: I did not make it into the facility in Stillwater- I was updated at the door and left.
A confusing runaround So much rigamoral to FINALLY get this filed. Looked up what to do online, was directed to go to our county office, went to county office in Forest Lake, was directed to set up an appt, set up the appt and waited a week, went to appt and found I had to go to Stillwater, went to the Stillwater county facility on Hwy 36 and was directed to go to the Washington court house down the road. Grrrr
Janet C
Driver's License Having a scheduled appointment worked very well. Everything went smoothly and the county person was very knowledgeable. However, I did have to wait 6 weeks for my appointment.
Good Appointment schedule Timing was very good for my appointment made online.
Fast and friendly Great service
Dylan M
Quick and easy Went in for my first state ID ever and had an awesome experience. The attendee was super friendly and he processed everything fast! Can’t wait to get it.
Short wait Was greeted nicely at door and given clear directions. Waited just a few minutes as clerk finished with someone else. Then the clerk cleaned the counter and area around his window. Diego greeted me and assisted me with the paperwork. Done in 10 minutes.
Sandra A
Excellent Excellent
Prefer the Reservation I can’t think of a trip to the DMV that has ever gone more smoothly or more efficiently. No waiting for hours on end. I really valued the check in process. The separate chairs devoted to certain counters, and the efficiency with which I could pre-apply and simply come in to finish my renewal.
Shaleen C
DL Appt The person at Counter #9 was very helpful. This is not about her level of service. At no point, throughout the process did the system tell me that I needed to take a written test before the license would be given. Besides being an archaic rule, not knowing in advance resulted in a wasted appointment and a messed up morning. Please fix your website so it accurately reflects the process.
Efficient The system was down when i went in for my apt., but i rescheduled for later that evening. I got a called to go in 30 min later that the system is up and running. I was able to go in and was in nd out in 30 mins. Staff were friendly and efficient.
Steven I
License Renewal Great service, timely and team took all of the proper precautions for visitors and employees. Well done!
Andrew T
License update Arrival was handled quickly and efficiently. The entire procedure was quickly processed. Thank you.
Steven R
Quick and easy Appt was on time, efficient, and a pleasant employee.
Marc H
Drivers License Renewal Went slick, excellent service.
Lori Hoff
Liscense I got in really quickly overall I think everything went great
Steven V
Disability plate. Had a appointment at 12:00 pm. Did not get called until 12:20 pm. Slow.
David H
Real ID Angela was amazing! So helpful and so patient. I got me real ID and tabs for my vehicle and the service was outstanding!
Douglas M
New system in place Reservation system worked great. In and out in 15 minutes. Security person and licence clerk friendly and professional.
Curtis J
Visit to Woodbury DMV Employees were very polite and very organized!
Susan M
The person who helped us is wonderful I wish I knew her name - she has worked there for years a couple weeks ago she helped with my sons passport and then Thursday we were in for my daughters- she is so kind , knowledgeable patient. Thank you !
Patient and helpful! Review of Woodbury Service Counter 3 I recently stopped in to renew my license and every employee there from the person who greeted me to the lady that helped me renew my license was so incredibly patient, kind, friendly, and helpful. They answered all of my questions and guided me through the process of renewing my license patiently and kindly. The DMV is proverbially dreaded however my experience here was everything but. I'm so appreciative of the staff there for making my experience so great!
Donne Walton
Renewal of Driver’s License & completing paperwork for an Enhanced ID driver’s license I was at counter 3and the woman was very helpful & very friendly.
Charvan S
Excellent Cooperation & Hospitality Lady was so kind and helping us throughout the process of taking photograph and acceptance of application form. Really want to thank her for kindness.
Michael R
well organized pleasant experience.
Janet R
Driver's License Renewal Very fast & efficient.
Andy A
Perfect Perfect
Jerry T
Long Wait I am in favor of having to make an appointment to go to the DMV. It made the process of waiting to get to see a person at the counter much easier. However it took about 6 weeks to get an appointment time. Perhaps more locations are needed statewide as lines at DMV locations are long everywhere.
receptionist in the hall area The receptionist in the hallway checking people in is way too loud and needs to tone things down. She was very loud inside the acutual desk areas. She was very distracting.
Harmeet s
Awesome Loved the hospitality and Service.
Deidre P
quick and efficient I had an appointment for license renewal. I was greeted, told where to wait, and served on time. The whole appointment was less than 15 minutes. I was surprised and pleased by the pleasant, efficient service.
Jennifer P
GREAT Customer Service Prompt and on time...both employees I worked with were friendly and helpful. I'd definitely go here to renew your DL or ID.
Fast service I made my appointment and was in and out in no time. The ladies at Forest Lake are always nice.
Carrie C
title transfer great service. love the appointment option
Debbie V
Tab renewal Great and efficient service
Carol L
Plates and tags Had an appointment, no waiting. Customer service representative was knowledgeable and helpful. Pleasant to work with
Morgan H
Smooth & easy Followed online instructions, everything flowed at arrival and different window than assigned was ready and took me.
scheduler The scheduler and person at the license center gave excellent customer service. I was missing a document and a gentleman who worked at the center helped me with my sell phone to get it submitted from my bank. Everyone was fabulous.
Ramesh K
License tab renewal. Neatly organized and well protected and safe
What title? Serving counter woman was late..and then very rude!?!
Aaron R
Seamless Best DMV experience ever (besides month long wait for appointment). Post pandemic, keep some spots available for appointments while increasing availability.
Ruth C
renewed license Review of Forest Lake Service Desk 1 went very smooth, Forest Lk was very nice
Joseph B
Efficient Review of Woodbury Service Counter 9 Made my appointment on line for my license tab renewal. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. Very friendly service and very efficient.
Steven E
Enhanced driver’s License It was quick and efficient as the staff at the Woodbury license center helped me apply for my enhanced driver’s license.
Lisa N
Drivers license renewal I had an appointment on Friday at 4:00 pm. It worked out perfect I was in and had my license renewed within 10 minutes. Very clean
Kathleen S
drivers liscense renewal Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 3 excellent service, very sanitary and my appointment went quick. thank you!
? Review of Woodbury Service Counter 5 ?
Ken H
Title Transfer Transfer titles to the trust account
Jamie J
Drivers license renewal Extremely efficient process. Had 10:00am appointment and completed everything within 10 minutes including the vision test and photo ID! Faster process during COVID-19 than it was before. Friendly, efficient staff, too.
Nice Our clerk was very nice and helpful. We messed something up and he was able to help us fill out the amendment papers. He also waited patiently while I called my husband to get our insurance info. He was very nice and patient with us. The setup is nice and we were called right away at our appointment time. Thanks!!
Jennifer S
Quick, Safe Service I was in and out of the service center in less than 15 minutes. I made an appointment, had the proper documents and the employee took fantastic care of me!
Not great clean for covid which is great! Had an appointment because online it looks like you need one but theyre taking walk-ins. Went in for a title transfer but it wouldn't go through or something. The woman helping me didn't know what was going on and when she tried to call for help she didn't get any. Told me to come back in a few weeks and try again basically. At least she gave me a paper to excuse my expired tabs that I cant update until I have the title.
Excellent I went to renew my driver’s license and was very pleased with how quick and easy it was!! The reason why it was quick and easy was because I went to the website first knowing with Covid-19 that they would have different or restricted procedures. So I scheduled an appointment and on the day of the appointment I was in and out in less than 15 minutes! Staff was so friendly and made the experience pleasant!! Thank you!
Patricia H
License renewal I actually like the online reservation and recommend keeping that system. No waiting in long lines, in and out in no time!
Philip B
Great service Very good person I dealt with. Very friendly.
Sheri M
Title transfer & tabs Went great. Not too long of a wait. Clean. Separated by 6 feet or more. Great service
Karen S
Quick service Appointment took place as scheduled. In and out in 15 minutes!
Joseph M
Drivers license. Excellent service. Well satisfied. That includes Antoinette Milashius.
Misleading The appointment we scheduled was to take the knowledge/written test for my sons permit. When we arrived at the center we were told that the appointment we made was for the deputy registrar. We were ts that we should have made out appointment through the state not the county. Now we have to wait another month in addition to the 5 months we already had to wait. I understand the mistakes on my part. Please make the descriptions more clear about what the centers have the ability to test for.
Linda H
great experience. Fast and safe service
Andrew B
Got there and system goes down I am in need of changing my DL info since I've moved and I finally get a chance to make it up and the system is down. Now I gotta scramble for the next few weeks figuring out where to go to get my DL taken care of since the online is booked 2 months in advance. Thanks for wasting my time!
Car License Renewal I appreciated the appointment option. The wait very short. Excellent service!
DeMae A
Excellent Service from the greeter to the lady(I think her name was Patty) were all so friendly and helpful. I forgot my paperwork for the enhanced license and had to run home. They waited for me to get back in time to get it. Everyone was super nice and kind. I would highly recommend the Woodbury DMV
David G
Great Scheme Flawless, seamless and no waiting. I hope this scheme continues. Will save a lot of time and frustration!
Heidi H
Exceptional Staff at License Center I have always been impressed with the Stillwater license team and when I made my recent appointment for Forest Lake I didn’t know what to expect - especially with the added complication of COVID rules. Without exception this team was also as gracious, efficient and helpful as I have always found the Stillwater team. Nice job all around ladies! I actually LIKE to go to the License Bureau because my experiences have been so great the brighten my day. I @m proud to pay taxes to help support such great employees! Way TO GO WA county!
Lois P
Resident Process was fast and very friendly as I applied online for driver's license renewal. Very clean and no waiting with appointment.
eileen s
Lic renewal great service and safe environment
Angel F
Your Customer Service Was Tremendous! Thanks so much for handling my application for an Enhanced Driver's License. Lots of details and paperwork, but you made the process so easy and "almost" enjoyable! :) Very nice work. Other organizations, governmental and commercial, could take lessons from you. Thank you.
Wesley S
Enhanced LIcense Application - Great experience Entire process was well described and executed. Pre-registration on-line saved a lot of time. No waiting when I showed up for my appointment on time. Covid precautions were excellent, particularly the clever pen disinfecting device - should be available everywhere where signing is required. Staff were cordial and efficient. Thanks
Jon R
Fast and friendly Went in for a passport and was in and out in 15 minutes.
Real ID Woodbury Office Everything was efficient and diligent cleaning. Kept us well apart.
Appointment The lady who helped me really don't know that much about she is doing. Didn't solve the issue. I have to come back again.
Parvathy H
Great work Thanks for making it simple, safe, and easy to access for completing necessary paperwork for car registration during a pandemic. Was pleased at the speed and efficiency of the service together with the social distancing guidelines.
John J
Real ID Process Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 11 As always, the employees at the Forest Lake DMV were friendly and efficient. I was in and out in 15 minutes. My only concern would be; With the large backlog of appointments, why were only 3 of 11 windows being used? Even with social distancing, 6 stations could have easily been used. You're never going to get caught up that way.
Catherine W
License Everything went very smoothly no waiting
Thomas H
License renewal Very nice,helpful people. In and out quickly best experience I've ever had there.
Markie W
DMV Terri Terri was the most helpful and hilarious lady, I had a blast working with her while doing such mundane tasks. She was the highlight of my day!
Janel H
Very impressed! Not only was It easy to schedule an appointment, the visit itself was very organized, quick, and COVID cautious! Shout out to the team working for also being very friendly! Thank you!
Good efficient service Staff were competent & friendly. They were on time for my appointment & I was able to complete my business in 5 minutes.
Quick and safe I had an appointment. Walked in and felt safe with all the precautions they’re taking. I was in and out within 12 minutes for a real ID. Super good experience
Lucas M
Great Service - Nice & Friendly Very pleased with the level of detail paid to Covid precautions and the kindness of the staff.
License Renewal appointment The staff was excellent and it went very smoothly when I renewed my license.
Nick M
Painless and pleasant. I was in and out of there in a short amount of time. Sara was very helpful and informative. This went way smoother than I thought it was going to be. Thank you Sara!
Virginia P
Drivers license appointment It was a very good experience. On time appt. Very helpful employee. Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. All my questions were answered. Appt. Did not take very long but everything accomplished. Thank you. Safe environment too. All staff was friendly.
Heather C
Amazing service and fantastic safety measures! Review of Woodbury Service Counter 3 I was so impressed by everyone here! Every employee was cheerful and efficient and I felt at all times that they were on top of keeping things sanitary and safe. As someone who falls under the Covid “high risk” category, I truly appreciated the extra attention to detail, and the peace of mind that came with it.
joseph a
just a review I don't agree with the mask mandate ,other then that it went great! Late fine fir late changing of title was not right!
Kimberly O
Driver's license renewal i received exceptional service from the scheduling process, follow up emails and alerts to the check in process and finally the super friendly and quickly responsive and thorough clerk.
Drivers License renewal
Ardis D
Real ID Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 1 ?
Linda C
License renewal Excellent service. Quick, friendly & in very clean & socially distant manner.
Michael H
Very nice and professional I have used the Washington County license office and they have akways been very nice and orofessional. During the pandemic, they were also very efficient in keeoing with appt. times. Best DMV location I have ever used.
Passport Excellent service
Barbara Berry
License Renewal Review of Stillwater Service Counter 11 The agent was courteous, helpful and patient. Excellent experience. Also, the receptionist was, although very busy, patient and helpful to everyone.
Passport Renewal Got my passport photo taken and was given a thorough explanation of the current renewal process from a very helpful, pleasant person!
Friendliest Staff Ever! In the past, I've dreaded going in for a license renewal. My questions were always dumb or answered with eye rolls. Not this time - I was blown away by the excellence of the staff! The staff out in the hallway checking people in was extremely helpful in answering my questions, super cheerful, and engaged with not only me, but the other customers coming in. Inside the office, social distancing was enforced and extreme cleaning measures were taken. My needs were met easily, quickly, and with smiles. I cant say enough about the great experience I had! I hope the staff know how much they're appreciated during these difficult times, especially when it's hard to carry on with a good attitude - they all did and were wonderful!
Dawn E
DL renewal I made an appointment to renew my drivers license, was shocked at how far out the first available appointments were. On my appointment day, everything went extremely smoothly, well organized, and no wait! Much better than past years!
mary r
Great service The whole process went very smoothly.
greg b
New lic Great
Driver's License Renewal Made an appointment and it worked out greatThanks
Greg H
***** Review of Woodbury Service Counter 7 *****
Richard B
5-stars great job
Na L
Fast and efficient Location was clean and quiet. Front gal greeting and directing everyone was very nice and professional. Workers worked efficiently. Set up due to Covid was good.
Pamela P
Driver Lic Renew went well
Phillip P
5 great service
Chris M
license a title transfer My experience at your center was amazing. The gentleman that helped me was super helpful and fast. It was a fast and easy appointment.
Real i.d. license Excellent service. Got in early and finished quickly
Jerry M
New license plates The appointment system worked great. I waited less than five minutes and was out in 15.
Mary L
Real license Felt safe going in to get license. Made appt on line. Very well organized and clean . Very efficiently
Warren L
Application for Real ID Appointment started on time. Great service. Very time efficient.
Aimee N
License renewal My license renewal appointment with Washington County went very smooth. They followed all covid-related guidelines and got me in early as well. Friendly, helpful, and patient staff made my visit absolutely seamless.
Fantastic! We went to renew my daughters passport. From start to finish the process was so smooth. A lot of places aren’t renewing minor passports. When I called, the person on the phone was knowledgeable and friendly AND an actual human answered the phone versus other locations that put you straight to voicemail. After that call, I got a confirmation email and many other reminder emails in the weeks prior to the Appt. The day of the Appt, I got a personal phone call/voicemail reminder with specific instructions down to how many checks need to be written. When we got to the building, the woman was extremely welcoming even while she was helping other customers. Eventually another woman came and worked with her and she was also very pleasant. I have never had a dmv/passport Appt go as pleasant as it did yesterday and I would prefer driving to Cottage Grove next time I have a renewal!
Nancy B
Change of address for my real ID license After waiting for my appointment for 3 1/2 months, went in for a change of address and brought the information per phone scheduler. Was told it wasn't adequate for change of address and told to come back another time with different items . My daughter was also there and was able to obtain a change of address with the same information. They recommended buying a fishing license for the additional information needed. After we exited the building she relayed this. I returned and was fortunate to have someone else (Kate) who was extremely helpful in allowing me to get a change of address in this manner. Unfortunately the first service agent was either uninformed or not interested in helping.
Awful Experience. Waited weeks for the appointment - researched and filled out every possible form I could ahead of time, had all my paperwork in order, and felt more prepared than I ever have at the DMV. Had 3 things to get done - walked out with NONE of them achieved. Two of the items required additional information/signatures that were not documented anywhere (and was told this by the staff assisting me), and they could not look up information on the 3rd item because the MN DNR site was down. This meant that after waiting for weeks to get in, I left with nothing, had to acquire more information from sellers that don't even live in the State anymore, and had to make another appointment for 7 weeks away. I called the DNR upon return to my house and even their representative stated that the way 2 of my items were handled was not correct, and that the staff at Stillwater should have called the DNR to clarify them - as well as to see why the system was down. He stated that their system was down for 10 minutes, and could have been easily addressed if I would have known to wait. VERY disappointed as I will now likely be riding "illegally" on state trails until the end of the season (will keep my paperwork and record of upcoming appointment in my vehicle). I just wanted to do the "right" thing - thoroughly prepared for it - and came out empty handed and VERY frustrated. If there was a "0" star rating, or a negative star rating, that would more accurately reflect how this went.
Susan L
Dissappointing It took two months to get appointment just to change our address on our drivers license. Once there, appointment wasn't kept to 9:00 but at least fifteen minutes later. Person at counter did not provide adequate explanations about the different types of drivers license, nor did she ask for the papers that I was suppose to have with that I was unaware of. Now I have to do this again. Frustrating. Also, she gave incorrect information about passports.
Martha W
Title work for multiple vehicles Service was good. Facility was clean and social distancing in practice. The woman who helped me worked hard to find solutions to problems with my title changes, which was much appreciated.
Susan R
Running a tight ship! Well organized and follows policy appropriately.
Dennis M
Stillwater staff are great We remained in line for only a few minutes and the woman who handled my Real ID paperwork was both kind and efficient.
license renewal Review of Woodbury Service Counter 11 fast and friendly, thank you!
Mary J
Driver's License Renewal Not impressed with the experience. Resident of Stillwater, but couldn't get an appt until 9/5 at Forest Lake office, Stillwater office booked beyond their current appt calander. Had an appt for 2PM, ton of people waiting, which I was told were walk ins, which according to online info wasn't available. I Was told that I could have "walked in" at Stillwater license center, which I believe was incorrect. Clerk was surprised I had an appt, but they did put me ahead, but still had to wait for other people to finish up their business. Took 50 minutes to finish my simple renewal. Totally unprofessional in my opinion. I know it's a different business climate these days, but better operational procedures are expected.
Joseph M
Scheduled License Renewal My license expired the day after the pandemic was declared and with the extension the government gave I was in no hurry to renew. when i made my appointment to schedule the renewal I was surprised how long the wait would be to go to Oak Park Heights DMV but understood the reason. Before my appointment I received emails from the DMV reminding me of the appointment which was helpful including one the day before the appointment. Upon arrival there was a very nice lady outside the offices welcoming me to the DMV and checking me in. My appointment was at 10am and I was in at 10:02am and had a very delightful lady go through the process with me and by 10:15am I was out the door with the process completed. I was very impressed as I left the person who assisted me was out spraying the area where I was and the eye exam area. The DMV should be very proud of the Oak Park Heights location!!!
David W
drivers licence renewal In early May 2020 I scheduled an appointment to get a new drivers licence since I have a new address. Earliest appointment was August 5th. I arrived on time and was informed computer system was down, and could not process request. check in asked for name and phone number and they would call to re schedule appointment. I new better that I would not receive a phone call so I asked for woodbury location phone number. I am still trying to get in to DMV. What a big joke how incompetent state run DMV is. I know you already know that since it has been in the news a lot about major issues at DMV. Very disappointing obviously. spending millions of tax payers money and DMV has incompetent management.
Unfriendly Review of Stillwater Service Counter 13 We are a military family and I wanted to get my new ID for the state of MN as we moved here on my husbands military orders. I traveled 40 minutes to come to the service center to get a MN enhanced ID. I completed all of the forms that I was directed to do online and had all of the required documents with me for the appointment. As I walked up to the window I was informed that she didn't need the confirmation that I have handed her, she wanted to see the test confirmation that I took a written test. No where on any of my paperwork was there a note that I needed to take a written test to receive a drivers license in the state of MN. I have had drivers licenses in 6 states due to being a military family and I have never had to take a test to receive a license. She handed me a card with a number to call and walked away from the window. I asked for confirmation that I had to take a test and her response from down the hall because she was no where near the counter anymore was that 75% of states require a written test to be taken in order to receive a license. No military family exception, nor a simple comment, I am sorry that you weren't informed this ahead of time. Such a bad experience.
Stefan A
Smooth operation Everything was as scheduled and smooth. I resolved what I was there for quick!
Update drivers license Excellent
License Our address is our PO Box because we do not get mail delivery in Marine. But if you want a REAL ID-compliant driver's license you have to show up with 2 forms of ID with your street address. Problem - if your main address is your PO, and your bills (like XCEL, etc) come to your PO and don't list your street address, what do you do? Even our property tax statement has our PO. It also has our street address listed but because it's not our mailing address, Washington County would not accept it. Our bank kindly sent over a statement with my name and street address....not good enough. Three attempts yesterday, and 40 minutes later, I walked out WITHOUT a license. One size does NOT fit all.
John S
License Renewal Although it took me a while to book an appointment on-line, the actual appointment went very well. I was impressed how smoothly everything went. I arrived, was checked in promptly, and moved quickly to the counter. From arrival to completion, it could not have taken more than 15-20 minutes. It was the best experience I have had at this license center. I appreciate all the effort the employees at this site put in to make this a good and efficient experience in challenging times.
John F
Best license renewal experience ever! Wanted to get an enhanced license with my renewal. Expected a frustrating experience. Other than having to make an appointment two months in advance, it was no problem. Very efficient flow in the service area benefited by the two greeters and the photographer who took my picture while the counter agent did the paper work. Minimal waiting time, took me in before my scheduled appointment and was walking out the door with my enhanced license before the time of my scheduled appointment. Thank you to everyone who helped!
Ann T
Excellent Service! Hello. I'm so pleased to offer this evaluation. I'm sorry that I don't know the name of the woman who helped me but she was unbelievably courteous and helpful. She apologized for making me wait, yet I was actually an hour early--my fault. Despite that, she still was able to complete the service before the original 2pm appointment even "started." She very conscientiously sanitized the work area before and after I approached. Give that woman a BONUS is all the more I can say. She was just terrific. TERRIFIC!!! She has dark hair, maybe chin length. Younger than me (I'm 67). Thanks again!
lic. renewal The people at the door were very nice, despite having to deal with walk ins that seemed upset. Person who did my license and other person who did photo were very good, and for my short wait, I did notice that everyone took part in making sure everything was clean. very good job all.
Speedy and friendly The staff were overly positive, friendly and fast. I was very impressed with their service. It helped that I had an appointment and filled out the online application prior to my appointment.
Brian M
Passport appointment I accept responsibility for not bringing a check for payment. I do not understand why a card or cash is not an acceptable form of payment. Looks like I'll be waiting another 2/3 months for the next available appointment.
Phil N
driver lic they were great
Gena D
Enhanced Driver’s License Very good safe procedure with efficient professionals.
angie t
Great job! It took me 2 months to find an appointment date. I was nervous with not only Covid but with the new “real id “ requirements, I brought ever document and more, I have not been able to get a duplicate social security card. I was told to mail SS my drivers license or passport to them for a new one. So I was lucky, the form online for DL renew told me what forms were excepted. I waited a few minutes past my appointment time and was directed to the office. They had the set up perfect! I felt safe and comfortable. The rep that truly helped me with all the requirements was fantastic and calming. She helped look thru the papers I brought and found everything I needed. Thank you very much!
Barbara M
License renewal Very efficient. Polite, friendly people. A really smooth process.
Christine L
5star rating DMV
9/04 Visit Renewal of license and title transfers.
Cynthia G
Real I’d appt Assistant at door was fantastic with good knowledge and communication skills. Assistant inside did a great job as well.
Alex S
Pleasant Experience Review of Stillwater Service Counter 8 I have nothing negative to say about my experience getting my Real ID. My appointment was on time, the staff were nice and knowledgeable, and everything went smoothly.
Excellent service! I was in and out in under 20 minutes. The staff was professional, polite, friendly, and efficient. The office was organized and set up to protect both the public and their employees.
Constance R
Passport Renewal The person that helped me was very friendly. Took a great picture for the passport and explained what I needed to do next to get my passport updated.
Quick Everything was handled quickly and efficiently. I saw employees there handling odd situations calmly and politely. The building appeared to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.
Poor Service and Unclear Scheduling Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 1 My daughter wanted to take the permit test so I scoured the internet to find a place to schedule her. I finally found somewhere that was scheduling 2 months out. I chose “instructional permit” as the reason for our appointment and received multiple reminders for the appointment. When we arrived there was one person working there and when I told her we had an appointment for a permit test she said, rudely, “No, you had an appointment to talk to me; you need to do it on the state website.” I truly didn’t understand as she didn’t explain anything to me and was very short with us. I attempted to have her explain it more thoroughly and she said that the reason they have “instructional permit” as a choice for your appointment is that if you pass the test you can come there to get your permit. It really is a shame as I’m sure we weren’t the only ones to come in there thinking we would walk out with a permit in hand (maybe why she was rude to us?). And I totally understand that all of this Covid stuff is crazy for everyone but please, Washington County, if you do not offer certain services, please make it very clear on your website to avoid more people having to drive over an hour each way to leave empty handed. Thank you!
Jon K
Service The attendant was friendly and helpful. Thank you.
Claudio D
Enhances Driver's liscence Fast and very professional executed
John L
License renewal Review of Stillwater Service Counter 11 5 Star
Enhanced license application Review of Woodbury Service Counter 5 My service person was very knowledgeable re all the documents I brought in for the enhanced license. Very pleasant person who answered all my questions. Great system, registered on line before my appointment and gathered required documents in a folder. Am waiting to receive my new license. Thanks
John S
Title transfer 10:00 AM appointment got there at 940 got in early and out before 10:00
Passport Renewal with Sharon Review of Cottage Grove Service Counter 1 Ms. Sharon was very kind and professional. She helped me with renewing my passport and I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. I love the Cottage Grove location. The building is nice and clean, and the employees are friendly. I will not go back to the Radio Drive location in Woodbury as the employees never say hello, never look at me in the face and treated me as if I was wasting their time. They were rude every time I visited. I highly recommend the Cottage Grove location. Thank you for your help, Sharon! You are the best!!
Drivers License Renewal I was very impressed by the helpfulness and friendliness of the folks working at the Forest Lake License Center.
Steve S
5 stars The woman at her desk did a really good job!!! She knew her stuff very well and very fast. Had made an appointment for licence renewal and I also got boat and trailer tram good job there!!!
Thomas F T
Enhanced licensing and renewal TT
Julie F
Excellent experience! With my appointment, I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Very friendly staff and felt very safe with all of the COVID precautions.
Kevin R
Fast and friendly! I was in and out in 15 minutes. Great experience...
Exceptional Reviewrf all the materials that were provided in advance, followed all directions, and had a 2:00 p.m. appointment resolved by 2:11 p.m., back out the door, fully satisfied.
Drivers renewal Staff very helpful and quickly got me in ‘ out.
Fouad M
Registration of Notary Commission Review of Forest Lake Service Desk 1 Service was excellent. Thank you
Elizabeth C
Drivers license renewal Very well done, safely snd efficiently
Marno S
Outstanding Customer Service We had made some errors on our paper. She assured us that she was there to help us and redo the needed paperwork. She was kind and patient. We felt cared for...and in uncertain times, that means a lot.
jeffrey E
Quick Appt. I really appreciated the quick service I received when I was finally able to get in to renew my drivers license.
Martin G
Licence Renewal The staff was incredibly helpful. My appointment was very fast. Thank you!
Fast and organized service Even though I had to book my appointment months out, on the day I arrived I appreciated how everyone was friendly, they had an organized system in place, I was seen promptly and was walked through a set of steps that didn’t take long at all. Everything felt very safe and appropriate for the pandemic
Janet N
Driver License Renewal Had an appointment, was quick, efficient & actually pleasant! Have everything set up for Covid & all went exceptionally well. They’re doing an amazing job!
Fast Service Excellent customer service, very clean. Enjoyed more than the usual crowded office.
Diane C
Lic. Renewal We had an app. Barely sat down and were called up. We were out within 10 min. Hope we can have this option from now on
Kristine S
License Excellent service!! Front desk and the person who helped me!!
Excellent Custer service Always a pleasure to visit this center, Two separate representatives to me attended at different windows (7 and 10) and both gave great care and attention.
Great, quick service I went in to get a REAL ID. I made an appointment. I was greeted when I arrived, shown where to go, wait one minute and then was helped. I was leaving 5 minutes later.
Jaime H
Real ID The staff was friendly, helpful and courteous. Fast and safe.
David Haumersen
New Registration We were very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of the person who assisted us. It was a surprisingly good experience - the best possible.
Linda H
Renew drivers license I wanted to get an enhanced license. I didn’t have the proper documents for my appointment. I was not told at that time that I had another option of just renewing my current expired license and just get a new passport. So I went back to my house an hour away to retrieve the proper documents and return. I still did not have a proper marriage certificate as it didn’t have the seal. Now I’m upset and said I’m not coming back a third time. That was when I was told the other option. That’s what I did. I also got a photo taken for a new passport. But I really dislike the way I was handled when I first arrived. The lady was uncaring and not helpful she must have been having a ruff day
Sheila K
Real ID process was fast and efficient! The Real ID process was fast and efficient! I was able to pre-fill out my paper work online and easily select the identification papers I would need to bring with me to the appointment. Once at the appointment, I was there for less than 10 minutes because I had all the correct paperwork, the clerk knew what she was doing and I was done before I knew it! The one area that was challenging was how far scheduling was. I scheduled my appointment nearly 2 months out, however I kept checking back and eventually was able to reschedule sooner due to a cancellation. I would recommend filling out your info online - it makes it easy on you and the clerk!
Caroline T
Real ID It was amazing! I was in and out within 5 minutes! It was so fast and simple
Shari H
Amazing service! I hope this is the new way of going to the DMV! I made an appointment arrived a few minutes early Was called in at my scheduled time and went directly to the window to be assisted I was in and out in 15 minutes with my new license being mailed to me. There was no tense waiting for your number to be called and you did not have an audience of 25 or more behind you as you conducted yoyr business. I could also hear better as there were nit 25 conversations going on behind me. I hope this is the process of the future AFTER Covid!
Melissa N
Very helpful! Staff was patient and amazing.
Lori A
D/l add change Very pleased!
Ann E
Great Service Review of Woodbury Service Counter 8 I arrived 10 minutes early and got service right away. The clerk was very friendly and efficient. It only took 10 minutes for the whole process to apply for a RealID.
james B
Excellent Checked in and only waited one minute. The clerk was knowledgeable and friendly. All went quick and smooth. Thanks
Steven W
Great Experience I went to the Washington Country License Center to get a Real ID. All Covid safety procedures were followed. Fast and friendly service.
Duplicate license Dmv
Dianne & Cliff S
Fitz M
Infant passport We set up a passport appt time easily online. We were greeted warmly, the woman who helped us was friendly and efficient. What I thought would be a huge chore and hassle was seamless!
Joyce H
Renewal of Driver's License I arrived at my appointment time and was immediately directed to the station assigned to me. I had pre-applied on line so it went very quickly. I was very pleased with the service.
Appointments mean nothing The woman I worked with was very helpful. However, had I known that making an appointment meant absolutely nothing, I would’ve bypassed that instead. I had an appointment for 12pm and didn’t get in to work with someone until almost 12:30. It turns out that two other people that did not have appointments got in before me because they were “waiting in line first.”
Mixed review Snarkier than necessary. We understand employees are very backed up, but the average person will not wait 3 months to get to their scheduled appt and shouldn't be chastised for being a walk in. Too many signs up to read them all. Wait times were really not bad, but feel like we need to bow down to the powers that be at the DMV
julie w
couldn't have been easier! while it took much effort to make an appointment, once we had one, everything went smoothly. emails from the county advised us to do prelim work online and once we got there, we were done within minutes.
Lolita S
Very dissatisfied.I will now have to make a new appointment, I hope in the future a more efficient and less confusing system will be enforced . In the letter I received it. requested just 4 items, I had filled out the form online. It did not list my marriage license as a requirement. I did bring it with me. It was not accepted even though it was signed by all witnesses and an officiant. My son is waiting for a call from Ramsey Cty to get a copy of the original certificate issued 68 years ago. This seems wasteful and time consuming, time and money not well spent for our state. I will not have to drive to Forest Lake from Oakdale again. Many people have had similar problems so I thought I was prepared to get my license. I got the same answer, no license today.
Lisa K
Passports Made appts for my family to get passports - two renewals and two new passports. Quick and easy process!! The clerk was incredibly helpful and pleasant, and made the process smooth and easy for all of us. Thank you!!
Apply for Real ID Made appt. online. Was able to get right in. Went very smoothly.
Service Fine, but...... I went to get a real ID. I loved the woman I worked with. I didn't have a certain document I needed, so she allowed me to go home to get it, even though they closed very soon after. I came back with the proper document, only to discover that the SSN number on that doc didn't match the one they had on file. What?? All that effort to get this doc I needed, yet they couldn't process it because the numbers didn't match... I didn't have my SSN card either, which complicated things even more. I KNOW my SSN number pretty well, so I'm not sure why they didn't match up. Either way, I still have to go through this whole process over again at another date. Grateful to the woman who assisted me and was so sweet the whole time. Even as I started getting upset.
Wendi C
Tabs and Title Transfer Phil the Supervisor was extremely helpful in assisting me to navigate the application, documents needed and charge so that I could drop it in the drop off site near me. Then Molly at Woodbury Center called me to clarify and worked with me to pick up the new license and tabs. Both were so helpful and made the process so much easier! I then was at the CG Service Center for my Passport application and Colleen was amazing! It was painless and quick! I truly appreciate the great customer service given especially in this new "normal" of COVID. So helpful when you have customer service oriented staff! Thank you!
Sandra K
Easy and quick I had an appointment to get my drivers license renewed and decided to get Real ID. I arrived at the Woodbury location about 10 minutes early. I was called to my window (early). Got my picture taken and did the eye exam while she worked on the paperwork that I had brought. WEnt back to my window and a few more questions - then I paid and was back in my car by 2 minutes after 5! Easy - everyone was friendly - well organized - well oiled machine! Thank you Washington County!
Phillip O
Drivers License Upgrade Went to WC Forrest Lake Service Center to upgrade my DL to the Real ID. The Deputy at counter 7 (sorry didn’t get her name) was wonderful. Polite, professional and efficient. Made the experience go well and quickly even when my glasses fogged up under my mask while doing the eye exam and I had to start over. Good job and thanks to her and Washington County for the excellent way thus process was handled in these trying times. 👍 Five Big Stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Tara D
Waiting area It was a little disheartening to have scheduled an appt., check in, be sent to a back corner then be repeatedly over looked by staff. At least four people who came in after me who also had appts at the same time as I did were asked to come up to a counter. No one made eye contact with me or asked who was next. The numbered seats made no difference to the counter staff. The check in person finally noticed I hadn't been taken care of and sent me over to someone.
Carol F
My visit. I was so impressed with the entire experience. It was organized, clean, efficient, and friendly. I was in and out in less then 20 mins. Would highly recommend.
Clean and Fast I was in and out in less than 15 minutes to get my realID. People were Friendly and everything was cleaned and sanitized.
David Jones
License renewal Updated, Clean, friendly, efficient! Ten times better than five+ ago. A pleasant experience. Well done!
Rick H
Upgrade License It was very pleasant getting my license upgraded. Check-in was easy and the employees were very cordial.
Thomas B
Auto Registration Appointment Your procedures seem good. It is a bit annoying though to make an appointment for the first available opening on the day I received my car, and then due to the rather lengthy wait I had to endure because of a lack of appointment availability be charged a late fee.
Brian R
Review Title* Review Body*
Susan P
Passport Quick and easy to schedule an appointment. Once at the site went through the process in an efficient way.
license change great service
Cynthia F
Fantastic! Well done. No wait, excellent COVID measure, wonderful and helpful staff. Thank you!
Phyllis B
Renewed driver’s license Woodbury, MN
James T
Renewal & upgrade of drivers license ??
Heidi H
Very grateful! In Woodbury I was treated so nice, and the lady at widow 7 was so very helpful. I would highly recommend coming here.
Debbie L
good location.easy access. Review of Stillwater Service Counter 5 I had a great experience. Safe protocol and swift service
Real ID Appt Real ID appt went so smoothly. No waiting and social distancing in place. Staff was so professional and very helpful. Thank you!
Robert P
Changing Address Katie was very helpful and went above and beyond to make sure we had the proper documents
License Title Change Very quick and friendly.
Ryan S
Scheduled Appointment Was great Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 9 I hope after covid is done you keep the ability to make an appointment instead of coming down and taking a number. Best DMV experience I've ever had.
Vicki Carter
Licensing Center Tab renewal
Kathy T
Kathleen Berends Phenomenal customer service,worthy of rating higher then 5 stars. Extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, took the time to educate,very professional. I was a Manager for 15 yrs. and a supervisor for 9 yrs prior, I would hire her in a minute & would consider her one of my best employees. Thank you for great friendly,professional service!
Passport Processing The ladies at the Cottage Grove office were very helpful and friendly in person for our passport appointment. It was very busy there for early voting, and COVID, but they made everything very smoothe.
Stephen c
Motor Vehicle Title Transfer Motor Vehicle Title Transfer
Thomas D
Everything went Good. Stephanie was very helpful and Cute! 😁
seth g
Real ID appt Great experience. I was in and out quickly and they did a nice job making everything flow well and safely.
D.L. address change Great and fast and safe service. Very easy even with current mitigations. Everyone was friendly as well.
Kerrera J
Amazing Service and Super Well Organized! I got there 15 minutes before my appointment and they could take me immediately. The woman who helped me was very professional and we got done quickly and easily :)
Drivers License the Covid way It was a great feeling to finally get to my appointment. I was pleased because it went so smoothly And the workers were so pleasant. Thank you.
Janice N
Drivers License renwal I made an appointment OnLine 2 months ago, since all apt times before that were taken. I was told Woodbury was not taking walkins. When I arrived there were not many people were there that needed help. When I left 4 or 5 workers did not have anyone to help. This upset me, as I'm sure many people are not aware they can walk in. How sad we all have to go through the long waiting when people available to help.
Great Service - Forest Lake Forest Lake really has their process down so everything went very smoothly. Reception and Counter 7 staff were very nice and helpful.
Casey M
At long last It took a couple months to get an appointment, but the person who helped us did a great job. She was friendly and helpful, and wasn't afraid to actually joke and talk with us. That's not usually the experience of any license center but we appreciated it.
Shantel H
? ???
Laura B
Best Experience Thank you SO much for creating a safe and seamless process to get my licensed renewed. Hands down the most effective visit I’ve ever had at the DMV! So many smiles and helpful staff...10/10! Thank you!
Rachel W
Dawn was Dynamic She was patient, through and kind and even allowed me and my husband to come back with some additional documents. We were so grateful for not only her professionalism and attention to detail but also her consideration. The facility was clean, well-organized and actually enjoyable. Everyone with whom we had interactions inspired confidence.
Jennifer R
Very easy and fast Filled out the forms prior to going to my appt. The clerk who assisted was very pleasant and I was in/out in 15 minutes. Recommend filling out the forms before heading in for ease on both sides.
Carol T
Very Efficient We found our attendant to be very efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. We found that the appointment met all of our expectations to meet the safety for Covid-19. Any concerns that we might have had very quickly alleviated.
License Address Change I was welcomed by a staff greeter and started my appointment on time. Staff was quick and efficient.
Mylo L
Rating Very Good
Joyce G
License renewal Thanks staff. Great job keeping everyone safe!
Carole H
License Center for enhanced license Appt. went very smothly
Richard C
Title transfer Set appointment in advance , arrived and everything worked like clock work. Professional timely and courteous
Wolfe M
Fastest, most efficient DMV experience ever I've never had a quicker and more efficient experience in a DMV. The "triage" at the front door moved me right along to where I needed to be. The wait was short. Everything was nicely sanitized, so I felt safe throughout the experience. There was no question about where to go or which line to use. There was no long wait. I sincerely hope that this becomes the new normal after we are done with COVID.
So easy to get a Real ID through Washington County I was pleasantly surprised as to how fast and simple it was to get my license renewed and get the real ID. Steps: Filled out proper forms online; made copies of exactly what was needed for my appointment (brought both utility bill and two credit card statements along with my passport; arrived early; total process took less than 20 minutes. Impressive social distancing and cleanliness in the License Center. The employees were also friendly, making a new experience with Covid guidelines non-stressful.
Wayne S
license application for real ID Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 9 My appointment was handled efficiently and on time.
Christian H
Great experience So helpful, polite, and quick.
Julie K
REAL ID application My appointment was at 3pm, and I was worried there would be a long wait due to COVID procedures. I was seen upon arrival, and was out of the office by 3:15pm! They were friendly, efficient, and pleasant all around.
Kevin Christenson
Molly Was Wonderful! Review of Woodbury Service Counter 5 I kind of goofed up where I needed to go and what I needed to do to get my MN Driver's License. Sorry folks, the Website is very confusing when one moves to MN from another state and needs to get a new MN license. I couldn't find anywhere on the Website that stated that there are only 3 places to take the knowledge test. Anyway, I went to Woodbury thinking I could take the test there but that wasn't going to happen. Anyway, I had my paperwork for my new car registration and Molly was able to take care of it. She also wanted to check the paperwork I planned to use to get my Real Id. Molly helped me wonderfully so I knew what I need to do to now get my new license. Thanks, Molly!
Harvey H
Driver's license We were helped on time. The staff was friendly and very helpful.
5 star service Fantastic and timely service even with the issues presented due to covid.
John B
Appointment for an EDL renewal. It took awhile to get an appointment to renew my license but it was definitely a good experience! A short wait for an open window and then in and out in 15 minutes with an eye test and new picture.
Sensitivity training I know the dmv has a horrible reputation and this place held those very low standards in place. I overheard a conversation with another customer and a different worker that shook me. She was genuinely not nice to this man in any way. She was not kind but not even considerate to him as a human being. My worker took about 3 times as long as normal because the system kept restarting. At least the place was clean and running on time due to scheduled appointments.
Renewing my drivers license In and out in under 15 minutes because I made an appointment and pre-applied. Painless process.
Mike W
License Renewal Excellent service. Very quick and friendly!
Amanuel A
Great reception and services I am amazed by the reception, COVID related care and the professional services provided by the staff.
Not my favorite place The center was clean and extremely regulated. I had to wait two months for my appointment and still wasn't able to get done what I needed to. It was time consuming and disappointing. The paperwork I received was not accurate and the staff member told me that she doesn't know why they keep sending out that paperwork because it is wrong. Frustrating. Honestly, the worst part about going to this center and all the other ones that I've been to (except Pine City) is that the staff seem impatient, annoyed, calloused, and virtually uncaring about helping the customers. They can be downright rude and unkind.
Monica S
Great service Easy to schedule the appointment. Reminders. It was fast to get in and out and very friendly service
Clinton E
Good service and caring staffs the staffs are awesome mostly the people that attended to me. Love their politeness
Arlynn S
Auto Licence We needed two vehicles licenced that were previously licened in Wisconsin. The activity went very well and the whole procedure took less then 15 minutes; we were very impressed! Thank you.
Licensing requirements Way to much unnecessary required documentation to renew a drivers license.
Chad L
Helpful While it was great making an appointment and getting done fast and no lines there was a lot of lines not open and the appointments are just to far out should be able that take care of things a little faster. I got hit for a late fee on a title because that was the soonest I could get an appointment.
drivers license renewal Woodbury license center
David T
The Worst! Go to ANY other dmv and you will be in and out within minutes
Victoria B
Survey Great experience, I felt less stress then in the past. Very professional worker and well informed . Felt very complete when I left.
Jason H
Great experience Although I had to wait 6 weeks to get in after making an appointment, I found the process to be well organized and planned. I was in and out in 10 minutes after arriving at my scheduled time. I appreciated the COVID protection protocols and the limited number of people in the office. Staff were very well trained and were able to handle all of my requests.
Bonnie Jo M
Good Service They were doing everything right to protect everyone from covid. My attendant was very thorough, efficient and patient with me regarding my Real I.D.
Geraldine K
Driver license renewal Review of Woodbury Service Counter 8 I was a little apprehensive of the new system of renewing your driver's license. But very impressed with how it's handled. From getting your appointment on line, filling in your pre-registration and a very short wait once I got there before I saw someone and completed the procedure. However this is nothing less than I would expect from Washington County. Good job.
Germaine M
Five stars Five stars
Kristi D
RealID Forest Lake license center was a safe & efficient location for applying for RealID. Covid protocols require an appointment that can add a few weeks to the process, but created an in-person environment in which I felt comfortable. Staff was very efficient.
Sue B
GREAT service Went smooth and the gal was super nice and helpful!!
Debra O
great no contact and fast
Serena M
Great service I came in to get my new license and had a really helpful and energetic employee who the made the process as painless as possible. We really appreciate working with her.
Greg P
Boat title Stephanie was great. I need to come back because seller for a signature and she gave me an e-mail to use when I get it and I can get right in.
Andrew H
Goes smooth once you have an appointment You have to be flexible when setting an appointment, but it goes really smoothly when you come in for your time. I was in and out in 10 minutes.
Shawn C
License Tab renewal I was very happy with the process once I got to the license office in Forest Lake... it was very smooth.
Dawn J
License department. Staff people were very friendly and efficient.
Robert W
Worked for me I had time to schedule a visit ahead of the time my tabs were due. It took a week from the time I called to the time offered for my visit. The office was not busy and I was in and out in a short time.
Mary C
Renewed license I was pleased with my experience from scheduling my appointment, the check in and being assisted with my renewal. It was a seamless experience and this is why I come to this DMV. Efficient and friendly staff.
Richard B
License center We renewed our DL and got REAL ID along with them. Appointments worked very well. Two of us were in and out in 20 minutes and no waiting. Very informed staff person, all was excellent!
John P
Drivers Licience Renewal Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 7 Very nice, I had set up on line before coming in,that was Great, took less time,Very clean also a watched her wipe down the equipment After my eye check and picture,Very Good job.
Spencer H
Amazing Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 3 I believe I was helped by Kathleen to renew my license. She was extremely nice, very helpful, and we had a good conversation. I think that interacting with Kathleen was probably the best interaction with someone I didn’t know in awhile.
Deborah D
New Real Id I had the best experience I have ever had. I moved a couple of years ago and was going to a DMV downtown Mpls at the government center and was so used to having poor service. The DMV in Forest Lake was absolutely no comparison. Extremely friendly and helpful employees and well managed. Thank you
Ellen W
Real ID Appointment Setting up an appointment to have my license renewed and signing up for a Real ID went really smoothly. It was efficient and I was out of there in 10 minutes. Much better than waiting in line. Only negative part was I had to sign up 8 weeks prior to my appointment.
Ann-Marie G
Excellent service Review of Forest Lake Service Counter 7 Great job, even redid my photo.Thanks
Rajesh G
Office Visit For my renewal i went there, great experience and Great Service.
Jeanne G
Passport Appointment Making the appointment was easy. I was able to get in about 15 minutes after my appointment. The process was easy & didn’t take long.
Mitchell G
Patient, kind & helpful My Driver’s license renewal and application went very smooth, and the DVS representative who helped me was so kind, understanding, and patient. She even waited for me to locate my W-2 form, and printed it for me.
Lester S
Washington County License Center With all the COVID 19 rules for living normally my experience there was excellent.
Maxine R
Title transfer/tabs It took a long time to get the appointment. I hope you add more employees back to your center soon, the way your center is set up inside you could have more employees working. Appointment went well, very helpful employees.
Eileen L
Thank you for all your smiles at the counter. It was so nice to have friendly faces and kindness at the license center.
Robert W
Standard DL renewal I arrived at my scheduled time. I was immediately directed to window 11. The attendant was effective accurate and efficient in processing my application. I was finished and out the door in 10 minutes. Very good experience.
Communication is poor The people at the Forest Lake site were wonderful to work with. They are not the subject of this review. The subject is the fact that nowhere in the website nor in the confirmation or reminder emails did it mention that Washington county does not do testing. We waited two months for these appointments only to be told at the door that we would need to go to Ramsey county to test. Not everyone has the flexibility in their schedules to set up multiple appointments during the rare open spots.
Trey Evans
10/10 Very quick service. The general manager Phillip was very helpful and made my experience great.
Sandra T
renew drivers license I came into renew my drivers license. Not easy with running my own business and working 7 days a week-- Sara Faveau assisted me and even gave me her email for follow up - I work in customer service doing what I do every day.. she did an excellent job!
John K
Title transfer Went smooth, very friendly and kind service. Thank you
Michael C
Wow! Best DMV Experience! Incredibly easy — I scheduled an appt (appt times were a bit lacking but that’s understandable). I showed up a couple minutes early, checked in, and immediately was helped! Going to the DMV is supposed to be a dreaded experience but this was not at all painful.
Carey P
awesome service quick and easy and safe.
Breckin G
Passport Everyone was extremely helpful and thorough. We had a great experience!
Jeff M
Easy! I had an appt pre set and everything went well...and the people were very nice!
Joshua H
New Registration // Car Review of Stillwater Service Counter 5 Great experience at the Stillwater Service Center counter 5 yesterday. It was a complicated out of state transfer and everything was processed quickly and the agent seemed very knowledgeable. Good experience overall.
License Renewal The representative that helped me was super kind and patient.
David L
real license handled very professionally.
Jeffrey R
Prompt and efficient I arrived early for my 9AM appointment on 9-23 and my assigned window #8 was still busy, but another window #5 opened and she got me right in...early! Thank you for wonderful service!
Robert S
Pleasant and Efficient Once past the frustration of getting one of the rationed online appointments going out two months, things worked great. My appointment time was kept promptly. The person helping me apply for a Real ID was pleasant and efficient. She also helped with a license tab renewal.
Sandra W
Great people! I really appreciate the patience and help received to get my enhanced driver license. Staff was patient, kind and even had a sense of humor!
Byron N
license transfer Great service
Great Scheduling an appointment worked great! It should remain a thing even after Covid. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes.
Thomas H
Did a great job!! All employees seemed to be working as a team.
kevin k
License and tab renewal The lady was very courteous and helpful! I would recommend this dmv to anyone in Washington county
Jim J
License Renewal Great service, Excellent help!
Shelley R
Passport Appointment The staff at Stillwater DMV were friendly organized and definately well versed in Covid19 procedures. When the person prior to my appointment took longer than expected, the employee out front switched with another person so she could help me with the passport since she was the only other person trained for it. Fantastic customer service!! Thank you!
Jeannine H
Excellent I loved having an appointment at the DMV. It made the entire process more efficient. I was in and out of the facility in 8 minutes. Don’t ever go back to drop in only.
Patrick K
Pleasure to work with Both of the individuals that I worked with were pleasant and knew how to expedite the process, I was able to leave with my needs met
Craig N
Schedule DMV Appt The appt process is actually very smooth. Set up your appointment in advance, come prepared...easier on everyone
Stephanie B
Awesome service! Answered all my questions.
Nancy H
Driver License Renewal Very efficient
Did not get the job done missing something Nothing done
David B
appointment review I was very pleased with my experience during licence renewal appointment. The person who waited on me was very personable and courteous. The was quick and professional.
Elaine Y
Real ID application Scheduled appointment started on time. Friendly and efficient staff. In and out in 15 minutes. Worked out great.
Maureen S
Enhanced Driver’s License COVID-19 rules were followed
Patricia T
Good experience Friendly and helpful
Excellent experience I was quite impressed at how smooth the whole process was from check in to all done. The whole appointment took 15 minutes and started on time.
Caroline B
Renew license Review of Stillwater Service Counter 13 I had pre registered but felt things were well organized, moved along quickly and properly distanced For safety. Good job.
Fast, virtuous service I was pleased with the service I received at this location. Only frustrating part was the signing up portion. It was clunky and cumbersome.
Abdi E
Excellent and Timely Service Review of Woodbury Service Counter 9 I was much embarrassed attention to detail I received from the staff my recent visit at the center. I was there to make change of address but I also received help for other services that I needed like tabs for my vehicle as well as election registration. Please keep the hard work. You are all amazing!
Kathleen B
Real ID Appt Very pleased with the process. My appt was on time and the woman who helped me was very professional.
Barbara D
Outstanding Karen was exceptional in helping me understand the differences between the real ID and the enhanced ID. She was also very helpful in explaining the information that I needed to complete the process. This was a huge weight off of my shoulders to get my identification squared away.
Kristine O
Great Service I received great, friendly and fast service. I am very happy with my visit to renew my license.
Deb D
In Person Process for Enhanced Driver's License Everything went well when I met 1 on 1 with the agent to go over my forms to get signed up for the enhanced driver's license. In previous years I was able to look at my picture after it was taken but this time I was not because the agent said it couldn't be done with their new equipment. I feel that it would help other people like me, if this feature could be added, as I like my photo from 4 yrs ago better than this photo (I also saw on the paperwork for my new photo is that the picture was taken a lot closer, than the previous photo 4 years ago, so that was probably the main reason I didn't like the photo and also, that I didn't smile much... so now I'm stuck with this photo for 4 more years!) Also, for all the new plexiglass counter areas (I think there were 8 or 9 counters), I was a little disappointed that there weren't anymore than 2 customers at a time... maybe if more customers at 1 time were able to get licenses renewed, etc., than it wouldn't have taken so long to get an appointment online! But, as I'm remembering, maybe it was done this way, because there is only 1 way to get to the counters & the same way is used to exit the "counter" areas. Overall, I would say that the process to get the license renewed went very smooth and fast.
Heather S
Quick License Renewal I felt very safe renewing my license at this location. COVID precautions were followed, and since I preregistered online, it was a quick process. Once my name was called, I was in and out in 5 minutes. Would recommend
Erika S